Monday, June 30, 2008

Oddisey “The School of Ego” and it hurts

Oddisey “The School of Ego”

The title above really represents the first word event. Oddisey. Really effective management learning by directly creating a show that related to all aspect of management. There are choreography, music, visualization, multimedia, and other type of creative masterpieces in the event. The event itself has been held since 2004, which is the born of SBM major in Institute Technology of Bandung.

A school of ego is the fit acronym for me personally, because I have to do a big heart for everybody, to cover everyone’s need for better performance day by day. Cry and laugh has been happened to me. Heart feelings of ignorance and appreciation have occurred to my experience. This is a truly school of ego. You should be able to control yourself and pray to God for the defensive from your own uncontrolled passion and ego.

It hurts

My teeth hurt. It has been going for about 4 days. My fake upper right crown tooth is being cured by 2x1 Cefat, 3x1 Nonflamin, and 3x1 Analsik. The medicine ended tonight, but it seems still hurt. I broke my upper right crown teeth when I was cycling from home to my high school and being hit by a motorcycle and dropped down to the asphalt to my upper crown tooth first. It was the first time I went to my high school with bicycle. But it wasn’t the last time. Before I graduated, I few times went to school with my Polygon Broadway bicycle with high level of awareness.

My upper right crown tooth was broken to half. The dentist decided to create a bullet to my deadened half teeth. It was over. No hurts at all. But now I felt a bit uncomfortable to my cured teeth. I took an x-ray picture of it 2 days ago. Not really surprising, 4 of my molars in each side of my back teeth are growing. I’m feeling pain right now.

Ya Allah, Insya Allah I could immediately cured from this pain. Thanks for your supportive friends, especially Gumi for giving the traditional tips for curing hurt teeth by adding Minyak Tawon to the hurt gum of the teeth, and Luthfan for allowing me to come back home from Oddisey opening music practice, politely.

Note: I haven’t been posting for a long time because my Canon Ixy 700 digital camera was lost. I’ve been searching for places that I have been visiting circa the tragedy, and there was no sign of it. My mother just told me that “If it still belongs to yours, it will be come back. Don’t worry.” So now I’m totally give it back to Allah SWT that it will be back or not, but I believe that there must be something else that I’m going to receive something better in the future.

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