Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I feel that I’m being appreciated today. Thank you guys!

Today, I feel that I am being appreciated a lot. Subahanallah! :) Some of my works are being viewed and captured positively by the people and the environment around me. Here are the sources what make me feel appreciated.

1. I got 3.77 of my IP (Performance Index). Alhamdulillah! It described that SBM-ITB is starting to appreciate my works in campus. Mirroring from the last IP, which is 2.89, I was trying to change myself to be accepting any input from SBM-ITB’s curriculum positively. What I did was I tried to destroy my hard feelings about SBM-ITB, and mainly about the term of business itself. It was very hard for me because I have to trust SBM-ITB that this institution would bring a lot of usefulness to me, and not reverse. So, I was trying to get back to basic to be more honest that I’m a person who doesn’t know business, and attended to enter business school to learn about it, and I would give my trust that this institution would give the best for me. It was a complete healing process. :) Subahanallah!

2. I got the information that all Tutorial A class read Rockepreneur after I published the post of “The Busy Week Story” that reviewed last Artistic Recollection UAS performances. I got this information from Ifad (a Tutorial A class student) when I was helping Tita to edit her Friendster profile at the end of college in the computer room. The chronology was happened like this: Tita was first asked Ifad to help her edited her profile. But after I recognized and felt capable to help her edit her profile, I told her that I could help her. Than Ifad surprised me by saying “The editor of Rockepreneur must be able to do that…” I was amazed and curious, how could he recognize Rockepreneur? I did SMS to some people, but I didn’t SMS Ifad. I was told by him that all Tutorial A class read Rockepreneur about “The Busy Week Story” at the “The performance” section. There, I reviewed that Tutorial A class did the best performance at Artistic Recollection UAS. You can see it here. I think Safir (the director) spread the information to all Tutorial A class members after I told him that Rockepreneur reviewed the performance. I feel much appreciated by this information and I was glad that my work with Rockepreneur could create something that are useful to people. Thank you guys! Hope you like it.

3. I got a trust from “I am 3” to remake “Hey Mickey” song that was being used in the “Bring It On” movie to be “minus one” (no vocal). They trusted me because I’m capable to use Guitar Pro to recreate this song. I told to make only the instruments in the song, to use it as the opening song for “I am 3” Odissey performance. I feel appreciated because my work with Guitar Pro finally could help the group that I involved with. I would do the best for this, friends!

4. I finished the Critical Success Factor and Key Performance Indicator of Music Directors of Odissey. Whether I should consul and revise the report again with the other 11 Odissey’s music directors tomorrow, I feel glad because I was able to make, what I called it as “the basic rules of commitment” that every music director should obey it to bring the Odissey performance into successfulness. :) It’s like creating targets to success and forming vision and mission that music director should accomplish (I experienced this when creating the targets of La Performancio Del Capresioso, the transition event from Capres into APRES). It shows that I could contribute something to help SBM-ITB 2010 to create directions and positions of success of the music director of Odissey. At this time, I feel appreciated by this.

Subahanallah, I can share this to you guys! I hope this could inspire all of you who want to do the best they can do in life and tend share it to the people. Like Al-Quran said,

“Katakanlah, “Hai kaumku, berbuatlah sepenuh kemampuanmu, sesungguhnya aku pun berbuat (pula). Kelak kamu akan mengetahui siapakah (di antara kita) yang akan memperoleh hasil yang baik dari dunia ini. Sesungguhnya orang-orang yang zalim itu tidak akan mendapat keberuntungan.” Q.S. Al-An’am: 135

I trust that, if we do the best for people, the people would do the best for us.
“Hiduplah untuk memberi sebanyak-banyaknya, bukan untuk menerima sebanyak-banyaknya.” Andrea Hirata – Laskar Pelangi.


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