Monday, June 9, 2008

Funchopat & Funkadelic Rhythm and Distortion

I just bought Funky Kopral's cassettes (Funchopat & Funkadelic Rhythm and Distortion) from second hand cassette store in Bandung. And luckily, I found it still in high quality of sound. But I actually bought it very expensive which is Rp30.000 each cassettes (ordinary price is Rp14.000). So I spent Rp60.000 for two cassettes of Funky Kopral.

There are the only 2 albums ever release with the most famous Indonesian bassist Bondan Prakoso and the guitarist Arlonsy "Ochi", which is now Ungu's guitarist.

I didn't regret them at all!

They're truly great musicians and I think they should be one of the best band in Indonesia. At least, the best Indonesian funk band.


The best Funky Kopral's album ever produce. Almost every tracks have their own interests. The spirit of skateboarding are visible from the cover and the use of skateboard for the frames of the pictures of the members of the band. This album has create a paradigm of "Funky" style in Indonesia, especially in celebrating the millennium era (early 2000's).

The lyrics truly showing the situation that happened in the era like in the song "Birokrasi". The lyrics in every songs have very strong of "youth critics" about social life like in the song "Error". You can feel the spirit of youth happened in the early 2000's era when you listen to the album.

Almost all represent great songs in the album, but the most appealing and key track of this album I think is FuncHopat. Great funky song, great arrangements and very different and catchy from from songs available in their era. No wonder that based on NewsMusik, they only given 2 demo songs which are "FuncHopat" and "Pesta Funky" to Universal Music, and the label just straightly contracted them without any live band audition consideration anymore.

Funkadelic Rhythm and Distortion

Is the second and last Funky Kopral album with Bondan Prakoso and Arlonsy available.

In this album the taste of funk are more experimental and more thicker like in the song "Stay Out Of This" which also popularize the use of "F-words" in Indonesian mainstream music. But you would find song like "Bagian yang Hilang" which is more psychadelic like Jimi Hendrix songs. I saw the video clip that Bondan jumped with his bass when he played the popular bridge-to-reff bass riff of the song that made Bondan is visible to Indonesian music scene, of his great bassist skill.

The key track of this album is "Bagian yang Hilang" and "Super Funk" which both of them has their own video clips. "Super Funk" is the first song that popularized Bondan Prakoso and his friends in Funky Kopral to wave their flag of funk-rock in Indonesia. The bass riff of Bondan is very skilled and catchy in this song, that is covered by the guitar, drums, and the brass section to "fully equipped" the song.

You can also hear "Drop Dead Down" which also popularized "Bass and Drum" music plus DJ in funk style form factor. Here Bondan is also showing his "cool" bassist skill in funk. There is also Ombat, Tengkorak's vocalsit who growl at the reff. I remembered the video clip of this song, which the band perform in the roof of a building.

Overall, I still think that FuncHopat is the best album Funky Kopral ever made becuase lyricaly, FuncHopat are more simpler and stronger without using any harsh words. Looks like they were more honest in the first album. But if you want to listen the "circus" of Funky Kopral, you can lisen to Funkadelic Rhythm and Distortion, before they broke up.

Funky Kopral has popularized funk music in Indonesia with a big spirit of exploraton and youthness, with their own characteristic. One paradigm of great Indonesian music quality in early 2000's era.

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