Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dika's new studio at Bandung and some syariah values

Long time no post. Well, yesterday, I went to Dika's new house at Bandung. It just has been finished, and some of the room will be rented for the people who want to use it as kos-kosan. The most interesting part is, in his new house, he built a band studio in the third floor with all the instruments and the recording stuff that just arrived from Jakarta.

Me, Deru, and Wildan were helping Dika preparing for his new studio at Bandung. It went from 17.00-20.00 with break of shalat.

Deru with his "cuttingguitarboxguitarcase" style.

Dika and Wildan with their "heavytopulloutspeakerfromthebox" style.

Here is the video while we worked opening boxes and set where the instruments should take places.

After the preparation

After the end of preparing the studio, I and Deru decided to go home, but before that, I, Deru, and Wildan decided to eat first at Nasi Goreng nearby to fulfill our hunger. There, I ordered fried rice with two eggs because I was very hungry at that time.

In the middle of conversation, Deru talked about the habit that people usually do after shalat like chucking face and shake hands to the people beside if shalat berjamaah. I said that it’s a meaning of silaturahim and a part of our cultural behavior. I also heard the same issues from my computer teacher in high school that we actually doesn’t have to shake hands people beside us, because it will bother their pray after shalat. It might be ok for me, but at least if there is someone beside us asked to shake hands with us, I will receive and response it back. It depends of the ‘niat’ how people try to do to us to shake hands with the mean of silaturahim, and not meaning to bother.

Some Syariah values

I explained them that we should capture our religion, Islam positively and simply. There are a lot of people think that applying Islam in this global era is very difficult. They capture a lot of unsure sunnah things (things that if we do, we got more pahala/bless from Allah SWT) that made them falter and indecisive that sometime made them forgot or even ignore to do the wajib things (that we have to follow) itself.

I told them that the basic of Islam that I captured is truly rooted from Syahadat sentence, (the sentence that we always say in tahiyat in shalat, and the sentence that makes people enter Islam as their religion). From there, we belief that we trust that no other god to be obey beside Allah SWT, and prophet Muhammad SAW as Allah SWT’s delegation as the real example of human being as a Muslim, for the people to be followed.

We do what Allah SWT instructs and we avoid what Allah SWT prohibits. What are those things? There are the pillar of the Islam and pillar of the Iman.

What is the pillar of the Islam? There are:
1. Say the Syahadat sentence
2. Shalat 5 times a day
3. Do zakat
4. Fast in Ramadhan
5. Do Hajj for those who are capable

What is the pillar of Iman (trust)? There are:
1. Trust Allah SWT
2. Trust Allah SWT’s Angels
3. Trust Al-Quran
4. Trust Allah SWT’s Prophets
5. Trust Qada and Qadar

For Muslims, do all those things correctly, and you would be able to feel the beauty of Islam as our religion. Subhanallah.

“Sesungguhnya orang-orang yang selalu membaca kitab Allah, dan mendirikan shalat, dan menafkahkan sebagian dari rezeki yang Kami anugerahkan kepada mereka dengan diam-diam dan terang-terangan, mereka itu mengharapkan perniagaan yang tidak akan merugi, agar Allah menyempurnakan kepada mereka pahala mereka dan menambah kepada mereka dari karunia-Nya. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Mensyukuri.”

Quran Surat 35 Fatir: 29-30

Allahu Akbar!

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