Monday, June 30, 2008

Oddisey “The School of Ego” and it hurts

Oddisey “The School of Ego”

The title above really represents the first word event. Oddisey. Really effective management learning by directly creating a show that related to all aspect of management. There are choreography, music, visualization, multimedia, and other type of creative masterpieces in the event. The event itself has been held since 2004, which is the born of SBM major in Institute Technology of Bandung.

A school of ego is the fit acronym for me personally, because I have to do a big heart for everybody, to cover everyone’s need for better performance day by day. Cry and laugh has been happened to me. Heart feelings of ignorance and appreciation have occurred to my experience. This is a truly school of ego. You should be able to control yourself and pray to God for the defensive from your own uncontrolled passion and ego.

It hurts

My teeth hurt. It has been going for about 4 days. My fake upper right crown tooth is being cured by 2x1 Cefat, 3x1 Nonflamin, and 3x1 Analsik. The medicine ended tonight, but it seems still hurt. I broke my upper right crown teeth when I was cycling from home to my high school and being hit by a motorcycle and dropped down to the asphalt to my upper crown tooth first. It was the first time I went to my high school with bicycle. But it wasn’t the last time. Before I graduated, I few times went to school with my Polygon Broadway bicycle with high level of awareness.

My upper right crown tooth was broken to half. The dentist decided to create a bullet to my deadened half teeth. It was over. No hurts at all. But now I felt a bit uncomfortable to my cured teeth. I took an x-ray picture of it 2 days ago. Not really surprising, 4 of my molars in each side of my back teeth are growing. I’m feeling pain right now.

Ya Allah, Insya Allah I could immediately cured from this pain. Thanks for your supportive friends, especially Gumi for giving the traditional tips for curing hurt teeth by adding Minyak Tawon to the hurt gum of the teeth, and Luthfan for allowing me to come back home from Oddisey opening music practice, politely.

Note: I haven’t been posting for a long time because my Canon Ixy 700 digital camera was lost. I’ve been searching for places that I have been visiting circa the tragedy, and there was no sign of it. My mother just told me that “If it still belongs to yours, it will be come back. Don’t worry.” So now I’m totally give it back to Allah SWT that it will be back or not, but I believe that there must be something else that I’m going to receive something better in the future.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

POB origami bird game

Today, POB (Psychology of Business) subject, we play! :)

We have to do simulation of business as an origami bird's company. We have to make decision as our strategy about how much papers should we buy to create the origami birds in 45 minutes. All we do is, we play all like a kindergarten kids who entered college. :)

How could I record the activities? Well, it's because I actually didn't play the game with Ian and and Ikhsan. We just didn't get the group to join because, our class just doesn't have the right members to play the game proportionally. So, we decided to be the assistant of Mrs. Venida, as our POB tutor. So, I got the time to record the video.

My job with Ikhsan and Ian is to help Mrs. Venida to count and select the qualified birds. We help her to count on the result of the game, and the 1st to 5th winner would get 5 to 1 stars and bonus of a giant bar of Silver Queen for each person of the group who got the 1st to 3rd winner. Mmm, what about the assistance? Well, the assistence only got 1 star though. :(

But it's ok, because I got the chance to at least publish the creative study activities of SBM-ITB linke this.

Here's the result show!

The first winner is group D, and they got 5 stars for the POB + giant Silver Queen for each persons. The second winner is group A and they got 4 stars for the POB + medium Silver Queen for each persons in the group. The third winner is group C, and they got 2 stars without any Silver Queen. Last but not least, Group B and E got 1 star for their last position.

The happening

Suddenly after the game ended, the happening of creating origami birds were spreading after the game. Many students were trying to create the same origami birds with different form factors, including me. :) Fulfiling after didn't got the chance to join the game, I tried to create the same origami bird model using chocholate package. :) Well, the package were insimetric, so I didn't able to create the bird.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Learn for Accounting

I learned Accounting in Dika's house to face the Accounting Midterm Test in Monday. I together with Dika, Wildan, Misykat, and Ikhsan were working hard to learn for it.

Here's the video

Honestly, I couldn't learn properly at that time. Instead of learning Accounting, I graciously just told stories about my life a lot. I personally took the story seriously as sharing, but the others seems took it just as an intermezzo. So, there's only one way conversation I think and my shared stories seems to be ignored anyway.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

CSF KPI Music Director Oddisey 2008

Luthfan, Kibar, and I were creating the CSF KPI of Music Director of Oddisey 2008. It took very big thinking to create the fundamental target of Music Director to success the Oddisey 2008. I was very excited because three of us were working for the music in high spirit. We expect to get revised from Mr. Budi, our Management Practice lecturer.

Here’s the video

PS: Hehe… I just get caught by Luthfan to create the video to Rockepreneur. :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I feel that I’m being appreciated today. Thank you guys!

Today, I feel that I am being appreciated a lot. Subahanallah! :) Some of my works are being viewed and captured positively by the people and the environment around me. Here are the sources what make me feel appreciated.

1. I got 3.77 of my IP (Performance Index). Alhamdulillah! It described that SBM-ITB is starting to appreciate my works in campus. Mirroring from the last IP, which is 2.89, I was trying to change myself to be accepting any input from SBM-ITB’s curriculum positively. What I did was I tried to destroy my hard feelings about SBM-ITB, and mainly about the term of business itself. It was very hard for me because I have to trust SBM-ITB that this institution would bring a lot of usefulness to me, and not reverse. So, I was trying to get back to basic to be more honest that I’m a person who doesn’t know business, and attended to enter business school to learn about it, and I would give my trust that this institution would give the best for me. It was a complete healing process. :) Subahanallah!

2. I got the information that all Tutorial A class read Rockepreneur after I published the post of “The Busy Week Story” that reviewed last Artistic Recollection UAS performances. I got this information from Ifad (a Tutorial A class student) when I was helping Tita to edit her Friendster profile at the end of college in the computer room. The chronology was happened like this: Tita was first asked Ifad to help her edited her profile. But after I recognized and felt capable to help her edit her profile, I told her that I could help her. Than Ifad surprised me by saying “The editor of Rockepreneur must be able to do that…” I was amazed and curious, how could he recognize Rockepreneur? I did SMS to some people, but I didn’t SMS Ifad. I was told by him that all Tutorial A class read Rockepreneur about “The Busy Week Story” at the “The performance” section. There, I reviewed that Tutorial A class did the best performance at Artistic Recollection UAS. You can see it here. I think Safir (the director) spread the information to all Tutorial A class members after I told him that Rockepreneur reviewed the performance. I feel much appreciated by this information and I was glad that my work with Rockepreneur could create something that are useful to people. Thank you guys! Hope you like it.

3. I got a trust from “I am 3” to remake “Hey Mickey” song that was being used in the “Bring It On” movie to be “minus one” (no vocal). They trusted me because I’m capable to use Guitar Pro to recreate this song. I told to make only the instruments in the song, to use it as the opening song for “I am 3” Odissey performance. I feel appreciated because my work with Guitar Pro finally could help the group that I involved with. I would do the best for this, friends!

4. I finished the Critical Success Factor and Key Performance Indicator of Music Directors of Odissey. Whether I should consul and revise the report again with the other 11 Odissey’s music directors tomorrow, I feel glad because I was able to make, what I called it as “the basic rules of commitment” that every music director should obey it to bring the Odissey performance into successfulness. :) It’s like creating targets to success and forming vision and mission that music director should accomplish (I experienced this when creating the targets of La Performancio Del Capresioso, the transition event from Capres into APRES). It shows that I could contribute something to help SBM-ITB 2010 to create directions and positions of success of the music director of Odissey. At this time, I feel appreciated by this.

Subahanallah, I can share this to you guys! I hope this could inspire all of you who want to do the best they can do in life and tend share it to the people. Like Al-Quran said,

“Katakanlah, “Hai kaumku, berbuatlah sepenuh kemampuanmu, sesungguhnya aku pun berbuat (pula). Kelak kamu akan mengetahui siapakah (di antara kita) yang akan memperoleh hasil yang baik dari dunia ini. Sesungguhnya orang-orang yang zalim itu tidak akan mendapat keberuntungan.” Q.S. Al-An’am: 135

I trust that, if we do the best for people, the people would do the best for us.
“Hiduplah untuk memberi sebanyak-banyaknya, bukan untuk menerima sebanyak-banyaknya.” Andrea Hirata – Laskar Pelangi.


Monday, June 9, 2008

Funchopat & Funkadelic Rhythm and Distortion

I just bought Funky Kopral's cassettes (Funchopat & Funkadelic Rhythm and Distortion) from second hand cassette store in Bandung. And luckily, I found it still in high quality of sound. But I actually bought it very expensive which is Rp30.000 each cassettes (ordinary price is Rp14.000). So I spent Rp60.000 for two cassettes of Funky Kopral.

There are the only 2 albums ever release with the most famous Indonesian bassist Bondan Prakoso and the guitarist Arlonsy "Ochi", which is now Ungu's guitarist.

I didn't regret them at all!

They're truly great musicians and I think they should be one of the best band in Indonesia. At least, the best Indonesian funk band.


The best Funky Kopral's album ever produce. Almost every tracks have their own interests. The spirit of skateboarding are visible from the cover and the use of skateboard for the frames of the pictures of the members of the band. This album has create a paradigm of "Funky" style in Indonesia, especially in celebrating the millennium era (early 2000's).

The lyrics truly showing the situation that happened in the era like in the song "Birokrasi". The lyrics in every songs have very strong of "youth critics" about social life like in the song "Error". You can feel the spirit of youth happened in the early 2000's era when you listen to the album.

Almost all represent great songs in the album, but the most appealing and key track of this album I think is FuncHopat. Great funky song, great arrangements and very different and catchy from from songs available in their era. No wonder that based on NewsMusik, they only given 2 demo songs which are "FuncHopat" and "Pesta Funky" to Universal Music, and the label just straightly contracted them without any live band audition consideration anymore.

Funkadelic Rhythm and Distortion

Is the second and last Funky Kopral album with Bondan Prakoso and Arlonsy available.

In this album the taste of funk are more experimental and more thicker like in the song "Stay Out Of This" which also popularize the use of "F-words" in Indonesian mainstream music. But you would find song like "Bagian yang Hilang" which is more psychadelic like Jimi Hendrix songs. I saw the video clip that Bondan jumped with his bass when he played the popular bridge-to-reff bass riff of the song that made Bondan is visible to Indonesian music scene, of his great bassist skill.

The key track of this album is "Bagian yang Hilang" and "Super Funk" which both of them has their own video clips. "Super Funk" is the first song that popularized Bondan Prakoso and his friends in Funky Kopral to wave their flag of funk-rock in Indonesia. The bass riff of Bondan is very skilled and catchy in this song, that is covered by the guitar, drums, and the brass section to "fully equipped" the song.

You can also hear "Drop Dead Down" which also popularized "Bass and Drum" music plus DJ in funk style form factor. Here Bondan is also showing his "cool" bassist skill in funk. There is also Ombat, Tengkorak's vocalsit who growl at the reff. I remembered the video clip of this song, which the band perform in the roof of a building.

Overall, I still think that FuncHopat is the best album Funky Kopral ever made becuase lyricaly, FuncHopat are more simpler and stronger without using any harsh words. Looks like they were more honest in the first album. But if you want to listen the "circus" of Funky Kopral, you can lisen to Funkadelic Rhythm and Distortion, before they broke up.

Funky Kopral has popularized funk music in Indonesia with a big spirit of exploraton and youthness, with their own characteristic. One paradigm of great Indonesian music quality in early 2000's era.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dika's new studio at Bandung and some syariah values

Long time no post. Well, yesterday, I went to Dika's new house at Bandung. It just has been finished, and some of the room will be rented for the people who want to use it as kos-kosan. The most interesting part is, in his new house, he built a band studio in the third floor with all the instruments and the recording stuff that just arrived from Jakarta.

Me, Deru, and Wildan were helping Dika preparing for his new studio at Bandung. It went from 17.00-20.00 with break of shalat.

Deru with his "cuttingguitarboxguitarcase" style.

Dika and Wildan with their "heavytopulloutspeakerfromthebox" style.

Here is the video while we worked opening boxes and set where the instruments should take places.

After the preparation

After the end of preparing the studio, I and Deru decided to go home, but before that, I, Deru, and Wildan decided to eat first at Nasi Goreng nearby to fulfill our hunger. There, I ordered fried rice with two eggs because I was very hungry at that time.

In the middle of conversation, Deru talked about the habit that people usually do after shalat like chucking face and shake hands to the people beside if shalat berjamaah. I said that it’s a meaning of silaturahim and a part of our cultural behavior. I also heard the same issues from my computer teacher in high school that we actually doesn’t have to shake hands people beside us, because it will bother their pray after shalat. It might be ok for me, but at least if there is someone beside us asked to shake hands with us, I will receive and response it back. It depends of the ‘niat’ how people try to do to us to shake hands with the mean of silaturahim, and not meaning to bother.

Some Syariah values

I explained them that we should capture our religion, Islam positively and simply. There are a lot of people think that applying Islam in this global era is very difficult. They capture a lot of unsure sunnah things (things that if we do, we got more pahala/bless from Allah SWT) that made them falter and indecisive that sometime made them forgot or even ignore to do the wajib things (that we have to follow) itself.

I told them that the basic of Islam that I captured is truly rooted from Syahadat sentence, (the sentence that we always say in tahiyat in shalat, and the sentence that makes people enter Islam as their religion). From there, we belief that we trust that no other god to be obey beside Allah SWT, and prophet Muhammad SAW as Allah SWT’s delegation as the real example of human being as a Muslim, for the people to be followed.

We do what Allah SWT instructs and we avoid what Allah SWT prohibits. What are those things? There are the pillar of the Islam and pillar of the Iman.

What is the pillar of the Islam? There are:
1. Say the Syahadat sentence
2. Shalat 5 times a day
3. Do zakat
4. Fast in Ramadhan
5. Do Hajj for those who are capable

What is the pillar of Iman (trust)? There are:
1. Trust Allah SWT
2. Trust Allah SWT’s Angels
3. Trust Al-Quran
4. Trust Allah SWT’s Prophets
5. Trust Qada and Qadar

For Muslims, do all those things correctly, and you would be able to feel the beauty of Islam as our religion. Subhanallah.

“Sesungguhnya orang-orang yang selalu membaca kitab Allah, dan mendirikan shalat, dan menafkahkan sebagian dari rezeki yang Kami anugerahkan kepada mereka dengan diam-diam dan terang-terangan, mereka itu mengharapkan perniagaan yang tidak akan merugi, agar Allah menyempurnakan kepada mereka pahala mereka dan menambah kepada mereka dari karunia-Nya. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Mensyukuri.”

Quran Surat 35 Fatir: 29-30

Allahu Akbar!