Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tutor Band was practicing for Acoustic Night SBM-ITB 2008

Yesterday morning, after we did the aerobic for sport subject, I, Dika, and Wiskas was practicing for Tutor band performance in Acoustic Night SBM-ITB 2008, on the evening. We prepared 2 songs for our performance which is the songs that we’ve already done it for our tutorial class in Performance Skill which is “Semburat Romansa” and in Artistic Recollection which is “Permadani dan Kaca”. At the time we record the practice, Dika hasn’t come to the place, which is Imam Bonjol no. 12.

Here we are!

"Permadani dan Kaca"

"Semburat Romansa"

We did our performance in the late afternoon, which are 17.30. We actually got the first performer of the show. At this time, we haven’t realized that we should perform at first, because the schedule I knew, we would play in the sort of alphabetically as the 3rd last performer of the show, which is in about 20.00. The performance will be published at the next post.

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