Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tough morning for Tutor I B

As the morning came for us, we started our day by creating some tasks given by Mr. Mel to search about the definition of 5 social sciences jargon. We did the task for each discussion group. He, I browsed Rockepreneur in Mac G3 in SBM-ITB library! My blog looks very thin. :)

Our tutorial class decided to start the interview to search for the Odyssey member that would fixed with us. Della, Ian, and Tabi were the interviewer for the group 3, and Julian, Nigor, Hanif, Alisa, and Gita, were the interviewer for the group 4. They interviewed the candidates that would enter each groups. I’m a member of the group 3, who yesterday performed “Preman Budiman”. I got the music section of the group. The interview started at 10 o’clock and finished at 12.30. After the interview was done, we discussed together about the decision of the people that would enter group 3 and 4. We would announce the members that would enter the groups this evening.

Yesterday, I also was being chosen as the Logistic Coordinator of APRES Mustang with the theme “oldies” on May 16th 2008. Fay is the leader, and yesterday I drew the illustration of the site of the event, and the gears that are needed for the event. I have to go to APRES after college to follow up the logistic status.

I hope that I could give the best for other people a lot in this world.

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