Tuesday, May 13, 2008

STOMPRESS! @ Widyatama University

On April 10th 2008, STOMPRESS 2007, a percussion reused materials band from APRES :), was invited to perform in Widyatama University, Bandung. This is the third performance from STOMPPRESS 2007, after the first performance ever in Ganesha Music Event 2008. The second performance was from Law Major of Padjajaran University. This is the first time for me personally performed with STOMPPRESS 2007, because at first and the second performance, I didn't have a chance to join them, because of the tight schedule of SBM-ITB College.
We performed a 10 minutes performance of one song. This song is arranged by Luthfan dkk and being performed by APRES kid's year 2007.

Here is the performance.

PS: I used the silent earphone, borrowed from my cousin who played drum at Petroleron in Band of Patra 3 here. It's because the decibel of the metal materials are very sick for my ear. I couldn't stand for the high level of sound, so I decided to wear it at the performance.

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