Friday, May 9, 2008

Steve Jobs and Tom Delonge

I watched Steve Jobs in Macworld 2008 in CNET. The thing is, I also watched his presentation in his first Apple Macintosh. It has almost 30 years ago, and I saw some differences in Steve's presenation. Technologies in MacBook Air, are totally different from the first Macintosh. Steve Jobs' presentation in Macworld 2008 and in the first Macintosh are also has some differences.

Steve at the first Mac, has a very big guts to present his product to the public. He has a big spirit of young entrepreneur who represent the latest technology to the world. At the presentation in the Macworld 2008, he's only pointing to some important key of the new product. It might be because of his age, but I still see some of his spirit to present the best Apple product to the world.

The thing that I always like about him is about his casual style and gesture in his presentation. He has some typical way to do presentation like Tom Delonge did. He always display casual jargons mixed with some scientific and technological jargons. He present all of his ideas about his product like he himself who invent the product. Come up with the ideas and than present the features that the people would recieve it simple and clearly.

They both are trully Rockepreneurs!

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