Sunday, May 4, 2008

Practiced STOMP PRESS for Widyatama event

I cooked again in the next morning. This time, I cook the chicken soto from Mbok in home. I actually didn’t really like the soto that is being cooked by mbok, because it has a “pahit” tasted. But that’s actually the characteristic of the soto that is being made by mbok. I like every foods that she made beside the soto, which I didn’t really like it. Mbok is actually the servant in my house in Jakarta. He has great capabilities of doing anything, from cooking traditional Javanese and other national foods, to international foods like spaghetti, get rid of cockroach or big spiders that came to my house, or to lift heavy things. She has strength above her age that I think has reach late 50 or 60 years old. Her hair stills all black and none of her hair that becomes white. She’s the super woman in my house, as my mom always told her. She has been working in my house since I was in the 3rd grade of elementary school, and have close relationship with the other neighbor servants or complex security. I have a very big thank for her for all the things that has been done to me and my family.

So, this morning, I ate mbok’s soto with 6 pieces of chicken nugget. This time I only ate 1 of the chicken nugget before I ate it with full feast. I almost forgot that at 10 o’clock I have to practice for STOMP PRESS that I already approved the contract to join them. There’s an even from Widyatama University, and they had a contract with APRES-ITB to present our STOMP PRESS. We got our free transport, ticket, and logistic, for our show. We got the time to play in 10 minutes, but I think we would fill for only about 7-8 minutes one performance.

I arrived at 10.20, and actually, there were only Luthfan, Della, and Elmar at APRES. So, we waited for another person to come to the sekre. Few minutes later, Piji and Devie came, and we decided to start the practice with only about a quarter the STOMP PRESS personnel. Actually, me, Elmar, Della, Devie, and Piji didn’t join the last performance of STOMP PRESS in Ganesha Music Event 2008, and so as Luthfan, because we, beside Piji, are SBM-ITB students which at that time (April 30th 2008) we went excursion to Puncak. But, because Luthfan is the producer, so he knew a little bit of the pattern.

At first, we decided to go to SBM-ITB parking lot to practice there. But, because it’s too far from APRES sekre in Sunken Court, so we decided to practice in front of Gedung Serba Guna ITB. It’s besides SBM-ITB building, and there were no vehicle park at all at that time. We started to play songs that the later STOMP PRESS had already made it. Then, we decided to modify it to something new and simpler. This time with 6 persons only!

We captured “Gundul Pacul” and “Kopi Dangdut” song to be modified and percussion ally played with the tools available from STOM PRESS. Luthfan got the lead bass gallon and big basket, Della got the lead tenor gallon, Elmar got the medium basket, Piji got the tempo gallon, I got the 3 fry pan tom-tom, and Devie got the bottle melody. In the middle of the practice, Dana, Arbei, and Yaya, who’ve done shooting at SBM-ITB building, came to see out practice. This is because 83.33% of the players are from SBM-ITB. Then suddenly, Mr. Ucok and his friend, SBM-ITB’s security came to us, also to enjoy our experimentation.

I personally couldn’t stay at high level of sound. If I played my SONY stereo, I always put on the maximum volume of 3. This is actually has a contrast condition with STOMP PRESS that playing percussions from copper and iron materials that create very noisy sound. So, after some repetition of practice, I decided to put on my helmet as I practice, to decrease the overwhelming decibels that came to my ear.

I started to concern about my hearing since I recognize that the maximum level of hearing by human is 80 decibels for 6 hours, 90 decibels for 1 hour, and 100 decibels for 15 minutes (If I’m not mistaken). Above that, it could harm human hearing, such as the decreasing level of hearing. I don’t want my level of hearing is decreasing, because I actually love music very much! I think at the next practice, I should wear Krisbow’s hearing protection for the miners and industrial workers that could decrease the sound enter into our ears, up to 24 decibels. I’ve seen that on mining major expo in ITB. :)

Well, we finished practice at 13.30, and I bought Fried Banana Caramel (Pisang Karamel), and went home.

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