Sunday, May 4, 2008

I cooked!

Finally, after my mom sent me a kitchen set and a new refrigerator, I started to do some cooking for myself, after almost 2 months I haven’t eat proper hot food for breakfast and dinner. :) My mom also sent me 2 packages of chicken nugget, a pack of Gepuk (like spicy meat slice), Mbok’s chicken soto, and 5 pieces of lumpia from Semarang, via Citi Trans. Finally, I have a chance to eat meat, after about 1 and a half month! :) Bandung has a very rare serving meat for foods. I often search for meat in prasmanan and warteg near my kos-kosan and my campus, and there are none of them. If it’s available, it would be priced very high. I once found abon (meat seasoning), and it price like a half of the total price of the food! I think it’s because Bandung is a big producer of milk, and they would prefer to cattle the cows to produce the milk than to kill them and sell out the meat. That’s why the price of milk in Bandung is cheaper than in Jakarta, for example.

Back to the cooking things, I was straightly went to Balubur, a place that you can find almost anything that related to stationary, building materials, and electric shop, to buy a fuse, to be able to plug in the fridge electricity. After it plugged out, I stored all the delivered things that my mom sent me. I was on the afternoon, and my hunger was started to speak up. So, I decided to straightly cook the foods that are available in the new fridge.

The first time I cook is the Gepuk. It’s because it’s meat! It’s written “extra pedas”, which means, “really hot”. I like hot foods, and I actually didn’t care, because it’s meat. I fried the gepuk with a few oil. Then I fried the nugget. This is the first time I eat chicken nugget again after I graduated from high school and went to Bandung. I just fried it 6 pieces of it. After all the things are finished, I just realized that I forgot to cook the rice! So, I took the rice that I already stored on the kitcken, and I cooked it to the rice cooker available. When I started to cook it, Teteh told me that the rice cooker is belongs to Icha, my room neighbor, and I told Teteh, “its ok. I just cook it a little.”

I waited for so long for the rice to be cooked. My hungry stomach can’t be hold anymore. So, I started to pick up a piece of the freshly cooked chicken nugget. Subhanallah, I finally ate hot food at my kos-kosan! Than my hand went to the bowl of gepuk. I started to wrap the pieces of the meat and tasted the meat in my tongue. Subhanallah, I finally eat meat for my dinner!

The waiting of the rice to be cooked made me unstoppable to pick up the cooked foods one by one. Finally, the rice is done, and my first cooked and proper dinner is ready. But after I looked to the bowl of the chicken nugget, there were only 3 left, and the gepuk was only 1 left. So, I decided to cook another few pieces of nugget and a piece of gepuk again.

After all the foods are served, I straightly went to my room and eat the special food. Allahhuakbar, I felt like eating in a 5 stars hotel with fancy foods, served like a room service. I finished eating the foods for about a third half of the time I served the foods. As the dessert of the dinner, I drink a pack of orange Buavita. I felt me like in a 5 stars hotel once more. I was so satisfied that night, and my satisfaction leaded me to do an infaq to the mosque. It’s because, after I finished he foods, I realized that not everybody in the same situation as me, could enjoy and have the same pleasure like eating meat of hot foods in this cold city like Bandung. I infaq after I prayed Isya in Salman Mosque, and at the time there were a lot of people doing saritilawah (learning to read Al-Quran).

Big thanks to god that I could enjoy my night that day. I think I got the reason to wake up early this time, answering my post here.

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