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The busy week story

Finally, after the very busy (seriously) weeks, since first week after APRES Mustang Oldies, we passed the days with fun! :) From the last one week, we have been busy to prepare for our UAS, especially the Artistic Recollection UAS. Again I notice that AR subject actually have only one SKS, but the effort actually fifth bigger than the other UAS (except for Statistic Business Management, which is only twice I think. :)). So I just was being postponed to post for further Rockepreneur updates.

I just had idea to create other topics for Rockepreneur, which is Rockepreneur Syariah. :) It's because I was inspired by my mother who always give me lead from Al-Quran about moral and values of life. Then, I was also inspired from the khotbah for the Shalat Jumat that I received just this afternoon about Ukhuah (persaudaraan / relation) of life. I was inspired that one of the most important things in life that is being told in Al-Quran is "Janganlah Engkau bercerai-berai". It's very practical that we can't do anything by ourselves. We need partners to accomplish tasks or things in life. It's very fundamental and it's very important to be rock entrepreneur better. I also want to create new topics like Rockepreneur Quotes that inspiring and Rockepreneur People who are actually a rock entrepreneur who brings good examples to the society, or even the world.

Ecology, Technology, and Sustainable Future (ETSF) UAS (Monday, May 19th 2008)

Well, come back to the busy week (not business week), this week started from the ETSF UAS. I prepared for the UAS only 45 minutes before the UAS started out. :) This occurred because of the source of lesson that will be came out in UAS, was forgotten to be copied, which is all soft copy data of presentations. So, with knowledge that I captured from the classes, I came to SBM-ITB in 7 o' clock in the morning, 1 hour before the UAS, and went to the computer labs to search for friends who got the proper ETSF data presentations for the UAS. I should really thankful to Allah SWT that there are actually my friends (Sigap, and Brian) who did last minutes study in comlabs. So, I just peaked out their study, and joined them learn. The result is pretty remarkable! I was able to finish UAS in good condition and self confidence. Subhanallah!

Waisak holiday practiced AR (Tuesday, May 20th 2008)

We got a national holiday for Waisak, so at the break day, we (Group 3 Artistic Recollection UAS) decided to practice for the drama comedy that we would presented it at Friday, May 23th 2008 (which is today) at the Auditorium. We rented the Auditorium from 9-16 o'clock to Group 3 and 4 (which is based from Tutorial I B class, which is being divided) to practice for the rehearsal of the real UAS, which is held in the Auditorium SBM-ITB. At that time, I felt like embarrassing our group, which is Group 3 because the theme song hasn't being trained well to the members. So we ended the first rehearsal not neatly. Plus, I haven't photocopied the lyrics of the theme song to be spread to the members, so they just like confuse to follow the song. At the same time, computer lab was closed because of the holiday, so we couldn't print and copied free at SBM-ITB. So I decided to make an appointment to the leader, which is Della (he did Stage manager at Tutorial I B Performance Skill and Artistic Recollection, and being the Director after Tutorial I B was divided into Group 3 and 4, to lead Group 3 which is I'm being the Music Director of the group), to print and copy the lyrics. Btw, Group 3 got Drama Comedy theme and Group 4 got more emotional Drama theme. So at that time, I was also watching Group 4 rehearsed and I was satisfied for the first time about how good the story is, leading to the drama story.

So, because of some self-embarrassment of the first rehearsal and got approval from Della, I just went to the digital printing and photocopy outside ITB (I decided near UNPAD Dipatiukur) to print and copy the lyrics. After I printed and copied it, I went to UNPAD mosque to give some Infaq to the mosque with the pray that "anything that can I give in this world, will hopefully brings goodness to myself and the recipients, and being far away from the badness". That's the pray that I always do whenever I did Infaq.

I went back to the campus and prayed Dzuhur there, and I went back to the Auditorium with the new good mood. Even though I still being reminded by Della to does the music better, but the spirit of me is actually better from before I went out to do copy and Infaq. This is truly a miracle from Allah SWT. Subahallah!

Critical Reading Writing (CRW) II UAS (Wednesday, May 22nd 2008)

CRW II is the English subject. I had a personal memory with CRW I subject in the 1st semester, which is I DIDN'T COME TO UAS. It's because I was overslept in the morning because I was training Albi (one of music section of Performance Skill UAS with Tutor I B, and also the music section in Artistic Recollection UAS in Group 3) playing the drum lines for the songs that will be performed at Performance Skill UAS. I prayed to Allah SWT that the memory won't decrease the spirit in CRW II. I actually love English very much, and it's applicable in this blog. :) But I got C in CRW I because I didn't attend the UAS (It's because I got A scores in quizzes, individual, and the group tasks. It shows that I actually capable to get an A right?).

Let's come back to the CRW II UAS. Thankfully to Allah SWT that I wouldn't be late for overslept in this UAS because the UAS itself is being held in 13.00. We were being asked to make an argumentative essay from 2 topics, and I choose the topic "Universities should give financial assistance to the people who wants to continue their study but suffers from poverty". I gave arguments that were inspired from true story of my high school mate for the opening, and I gave my personal arguments to the thesis sentence. I agreed about the topic and I told that by giving financial assistance for the people who suffer poverty, institutions are showing example of the real democratic country that the citizens have equal right to have proper study, the fact that many poor people have bigger potential to be good people in the society, and the university itself which is being the border of the institutional world to the real world. I felt pretty good about the essay. :)

Statistic Business and Management (SBM) UAS (Thursday, May 22nd 2008)

Not the abbreviation of my campus but, this is the subject that I most aware from all UAS subjects available. :) It's because it contains math, and I'm poor at math actually. So I think, this is the source why I didn't get optimal in rehearsal of Artistic Recollection subject in Tuesday, and wasn't able to feel satisfied with the UAS that I held days before.

The awareness made me done some effort to do group study with Misykat, Ikhsan, and Dhea, in Misykat's dorm, the night after I did the CRW II UAS. I arrived at 19.05 and Ikhsan and Dhea arrived at 19.25. I Got to study privately with Misykat, the most diligent 2010 student in math and something that are related to it. For about 20 minutes before Ikhsan and Dhea came. The clue that we got about the questions of the SBM UAS are, there will be only 3 questions which contains 1 One-Sample Test question, 1 Two-Sample Test question, and 1 ANOVA question. So, we decided to learn linearly from the One-Sample Test to ANOVA. We actually didn't have time to study the Two-Sample Test items that day because of the limited time that we got. I studied very seriously that day.

At Misykat's dorm room.

L to R: Misykat, Dhea, Ikhsan, and Me.

Actually Misykat turned on TV when we were studying, but I actually didn't get distracted by it. This is truly the effect of not having TV in my room, which I truthfully don't want to. The majority of TV broadcast today is mostly garbage. :) That's my point of view because, I actually most of TV programs are broadcasting sinetron drama, advertising, and gossips which contains unimportant and uneducated information sto the people. I rather search for videos from YouTube that contains useful and positive information that will increase my knowledge to be more focus, like interviews of people that I really like such as Tom Delonge and Steve Jobs, and also presentations of my favorite companies like Apple, Macbeth, and Microsoft. That would be much more useful that just sit back in front of TV and watching violence and social abuse that is being shown "very cool to be applied" in sinetron drama.

Btw, the study ended at 10.40, and we decided to eat chicken sate at Cisitu (which is the only restaurant that was still open at that time) near Misykat's dorm. I treated Miskyat for his kindness and patient to teach me SBM well at his dorm that leaded me into more understanding in SBM.

At the D-day minus 4 hour which is 10.00, I studied the rest that I still didn't understand about SBM which are, to apply ANOVA in Excel, and the Two-Sample Test that I haven't learned it well. So after I called Bimbi and Dika to applied data analysis ANOVA in Microsoft Excel 2007, I straightly tried it to apply it to the questions. Btw, I lost my Levine Business Statistic text book days before, so the day before I decided to buy it the copy again at Dunia Baru photocopy store, for Rp69.500. (Well, this is actually against the law but I think the rules still aren't very strict in here, Indonesia, that leaded the people into creativity because of the low cost availability of prohibited copy of books or the other types of media).

I arrived to SBM-ITB at 11.50, at the adzhan of Dzuhur, and straightly met Bimbi and Dika at the lobby. I asked questions about Two-Sample Test and they leaded me to the SBM-ITB library. I was asked to finish question number 10.8 to be able to understand more applicable way. In the middle I done it, my stomach forced me to eat, so I went to Kantin Barat Laut (KBL) to have some lunch to fulfill my hunger. After that, I prayed Dzuhur at Student Lounge and hope for the best for SBM UAS.

I just didn't have time to finish all the questions that I should answer to understand the subject, so I just rewrite the examples that are available at the book to my notebook. Hopefully I can use it for the UAS because thankfully, the UAS is open book. :)

Ok, the UAS begun and I started to read the questions. OMG, I couldn't understand the meaning of the questions. So, I just stick to the question number 2, which contained a table. I just being reminded that there will be only 3 questions which contains 1 One-Sample Test question, 1 Two-Sample Test question, and 1 ANOVA question, and the only question that couldn't be done without data from table is the ANOVA. So, I straightly decided to finish question number 2 with ANOVA. Done. Then I looked up from both questions number 1 and 3. It seemed like question number 3 used z-test One-Sample Test. After I search for the clues, I decided to process the number with it. I did the number with stable confidence. :) The time just reminded me that the test will be ended in 10 minutes. I firstly decided to hands down the number because couldn't find the clue to solve it with Two-Sample Test, the only clue after One-Sample Test and ANOVA done. But, it actually changed after I found that he question can be solved also with One-Sample Test. It broke the clue of different types of questions in each numbers. So, I decided to solve it very quickly, until it overtime 5 minutes. I was the last 2 persons who left the class. Done.

Subhanallah! I finished all the questions that I wasn't sure that I could have done it before. :) This is truly mixed between works hard and bless from Allah SWT.

After UAS SBM, I went to Hanif's house to practice for Artistic Recollection UAS that will be held at the next day. After we practiced at about 20.30 we decided to go to Asia-Afrika road to search for the famous kaki lima stand for chicken porridge, fried rice, fried or bowled noodle, bihun, and kwetiaw, and the fresh Pontianak orange juice (which is the best!). The price of the porridge is Rp9.000 and the fried rice and fried or bowled noodle, bihun, and kwetiaw is priced Rp10.000. The fresh Pontianak orange juice itself, priced Rp6.000. After we eat and drink, we took pictures in the middle of the empty road of Asia-Afrika road in about 22.00. That's truly an excitement moment for us.

Artistic Recollection (AR) UAS (Friday, May 23rd 2008)

This is the photo circa division of Tutor I B into Group 3 and Group 4. This picture is taken when Tutor I B were discussing about the recruitment of the new members for each groups about 2 weeks ago.

L to R: Ian (later Group 3 visualizer), Wiskas (later Group 4 talent), Tita (later Group 4 talent), Gita (later Group 4 talent), Sandy (later Group 3 script writer and talent), Deru (later Group 4 music section), Alisa (later Group 4 talent), Oke (later Group 4 talent), Nigor (later Group 4 stage manager), Julian (later Group 4 director), and Dela (later Group 3 director).

We decided to do our final rehearsal in Tutorial I B class at 9 o'clock. But I decided to go to Albi house first to make sure that Albi is on-time to the schedule that we've set the day before. It was also because of all my music instruments are in Albi's car. Before I arrived at Albi's dorm, I went to Salman Mosque first and did some Infaq there. I hope the same thing as usual I wish for the hope.

Btw, there was a problem, especially for music section of the group at the final rehearsal. Albi, who brought his electric drums and all of my instruments in his car, was being rejected to be able to enter the ITB environment by the security at the front gate of ITB. So, Albi, which was together with Sandy in his car, decided to park a car in Sabuga, and went to SBM-ITB to create a permission mail to the security at the front gate of ITB, at SBM-ITB administration in the basement.

We wrote the car's plat number, the purpose of entering ITB, and the length of time of the car to stay in ITB. Then, the administrator typed it with the format of the template of the permission's proposal, to the chief of ITB security. I and Albi waited for a very long time until the mail is finished for about 45 minutes. Thankfully that I brought my classical guitar that accompanied me for the waiting. :)

After we received the proposal, we have to bring a copy to the admin SBM-ITB lobby first. We went to ITB front gate, and gave the proposal to the security (which has been changed from the first one that rejected the car), and he read the mail (which is actually not purpose for him). Then he replied, "This proposal should have been sent 2 or 3 days ago before it get clarified form the chief of security. " which meant that we actually still couldn't enter the ITB environment.

But I think because of another help from Allah SWT, we were allowed to enter ITB, which meant that we were able to bring the instruments to SBM-ITB for the performance. Subhanallah! This problem made the music section could only do the final rehearsal for one time before we break for Shalat Jumat, until 13.00. The performance started at 14.00, as usual as Performance Skill and Artistic Recollection class.

The performances

Group 3, which is named "I am 3", inspired by a cell phone operator, got the 3rd performance of the UAS. The first performer is Chelavie (Group 4), presented "The Envelope" who got emotional drama theme. It tells the story about a father who are only proud in one of his son and aren't proud to the other son. The son who is being proud of is a police, and the other son who isn't being proud of is a burglar. The short story is, one day, the police found a burglar in action, and the police founded that the burglar is very dangerous and tried to escape, so he shot the burglar which is later known that the burglar is the police's brother. And later, sadness and regret came after last.

Deru, Dika, and Joshua, who was also in Tutor B-and did the best finale music among others. I felt pretty satisfied about that. :)

The second group was performing a fantasy theme, which I think is very cool! First, the costume is very prepared and very imaginative. Second, the music is very dynamic and truly represents the scenes. Third, the visual is very great, that they can find pictures of artistic and futuristic scenes that truly support the act. Forth is the choreography of the finale song is the best, because it pictured a very beautiful movement, combine with the well prepared property, melodious Disney music (the best music reference for fantasy), and a touchy message at the last song. I could say that they represent the best performance of the day.

It told a story of Gatot Kaca (one of Indonesian most famous Wayang character), who were being approach by a holy man from the future in 2040. The holy man wants some help from Gatot kaca to survive the world on his age, which is the Carbon Kingdom which is ruled rudely by Carbon King and Queen. I heard scientifically (correct me if I'm wrong), in the future, carbon could replaces human membranes to keep them survive in the world after the source of food is not available anymore (which is I think it's a good name for a future kingdom with a base of knowledge). The holy man then invited Gatot Kaca to the year 2040 to see the condition of the Carbon Age rules. He said that to erase the Carbon King and Queen, it's a hard effort because they're too strong. So the holy man asked Gatot Kaca to go to the past again to search for another strong people to help destroy the Carbon Kingdom. Then they go to several thousand years BC to meet Hercules, a man with half god to help destroy the Carbon Kingdom. After that, the holy man goes to several years in more future to meet Robin Hood, the prince of the Blacksmith Age to also purpose him to join the man to destroy the Carbon Kingdom in the future. The holy man finally got his army to face the Carbon Kingdom.

They're all go to the year 2040 to face the Carbon Kingdom. The battle begun, and the only person left in the battle is the Carbon King and Gatot Kaca. Afer some attacks from both of them, later Carbon King is known as Gatot Kaca in the future. :) So, after some attacks (great music and visualization), the past Gatot Kaca fell down to the ground as the sign of loosing. But then, after realizing that the Carbon King is actually Gatot Kaca in the future, so Gatot Kaca decided to sacrifice by killing himself, which would kill the Carbon King. The narrator (Safir, who's the director of this fantasy story), then said, "Gatot Kaca sacrifice himself for the peace of human life" which is very cool!

The story ended with some kind of dancing and singing angels like in fairytales with music composition that is taken from Disney movie. Then the last message to close the story is "The answer to safe human life actually is in your deepest heart and only you who knows the answer of it." Cool!

The third performer of AR UAS is our group, which is I am 3. We got comedy drama theme, and it told a story about a girl who want find true love but never happened. She admired the guy in the school but she doesn't know how to approach him. Fortunately, her father is a professor of love, that has just been invited a weapon called "Bazoka Cinta" or "Bazooka of Love". The girl than borrowed the weapon unnoticed by her father to use it to the next high school event. She with her friends brought the bazooka to the event, and after she met her admired guy, she straightly tested the gear to be targeted and shoot it to the guy. But unfortunately, when the rocket of kiss (the bullet of the bazooka) approached the guy, the guy spontaneously ducked to tie up his shoes. So the bullet was wrong target, and hit a freeman. It makes the freeman fell in love with the girl.

The condition that the girl is being approached by the freeman, made the girl and the admired guy gets closer after the guy helped the girl survived from the freeman. Then the guy asked the girl to a dinner in a café named Pete Cinta. There when the girl was waiting for the guy, the freeman actually came to the café too. The girl with patient just listens and watches the freeman's flatters to the girl about his new jeans, new earrings and new haircuts. Few minutes later, the guy also came to the café and met the girl and the freeman. The guy was very curious about the girl who looked at the freeman's flatter. Than the guy asked the girl that she doesn't have any relationship with the freeman. After the guy is very sure that the girl doesn't have any relationships with the freeman, the unpredictable thing happened after the guy hugged the freeman that created an answer that the guy and the freeman liked each other, and they just used the girl to be able to meet them together in Pete Cinta café.

My part of this comedy is to make the comedy more comical by adding some choreography in the musical performance with Albi and Krisna. Albi wore white Jason's mask on his face and playing electric drums, Krisna did the electric acoustic guitar, and I did the electric clean, and we together performed our music arrangements with full of choreography that we made it only the day before. :) You know what, it worked very well! Our music section got the best innovation for the music choreography. :)

The last group, who got romance story, told a love story in the eastern and Egyptian world. There was a son of a king in the Egyptian world who fell in love with a girl in a village. But the father told him not to marry the girl and told him to continue his study in England. There, as he continued his study, he always received mails from his hometown that he always thinks it's from the girl that he fell in love with. So, after the man graduated, he came back to his hometown to meet the girl. Unfortunately, the girl was actually passed away, and he felt very lost by it. He desperately regrets himself, and got curious by who sent the mails when he studied in England. Actually the sender was the girl's sister who also fell in love with the man. Later the man also fell in love with the sister because of her honesty and attention to the man, but actually the girl is dying because of a disease. The man didn't care about the condition of the girl and decided to marry the girl. But then at the night of their marriage, when the guy took her to the garden, the girl suddenly passed away because of her disease. The story is ended with sadness.

The most waiting that is being given comment from Mr. Benjon to the group is the music section, that presented a full band, complete with the logistic of electronics and the stage. They finally got the best live music at the performance.

Well, there are the performances guys. They're terrific! All of us got straight A's for Artistic Recollection UAS. :) This is the end of our busy week story.

Here is the live report!

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