Sunday, May 11, 2008

AR meeting and went to Sultan Agung

My parents and my older brother Iwan, visited me to my kos-kosan at Imam Bonjol no. 12. We discussed about the plan to make a gathering for Imam Bonjol no. 12 owners and settlers. Then we had a breakfast kupat tahu near Batagor Kingsley. The price of kupat tahu there is very expensive, which is twice and one third the price of an ordinary kupat tahu, which is Rp12.000. But it's ok, becuase we gathered with the family.

After we breakfast, we went to Old and New second hand store to hunt some unpredictable secondhand things. I gladly found a jacket which has similarity with the jacket that is being used by Tom Delonge in his performances with Angels and Airwaves recently. It has a mature punk style and I bought it for just Rp95.000. I already made my jeans in BET Jeans for Rp80.000, with the style, and to finished it, I just have to use Macbeth Wallister shoes to have a mature punk style like Tom Delonge.

So, I decided to search for Macbeth distribution outlet in Indonesia, and I found that it available at Evil Store in Jl. Sultan Agung. But before I decided to go to the store, I suddenly realized that it has been 10.20 in the morning after my parents and my brother went back home to Jakarta, and I have a meeting with Kelompok 3 to talk about the AR UTS project to make a drama comedy. It ended up with no decision of the story, but we got the jarkom (communiaction network) of the members to send the update informations about the project.

After the meeting ended in 12.30, I decided to go to Evil Store to find Macbeth Footwears available. I hoped that there is a Wallister there and I found them there. But it priced very expensive, whcih is Rp 525.000, so I decided to buy it later (I hope). Evil Store has the biggest collection of Macbeth Footwear in Bandung, Indonesia fortunately. There are also Tom Bonham Series, Meg and Dia Studio Project, Eisley Studio Project, and many more. I also found Ripple Magazine thre in 59th edition. It's funny because I thought that Ripple Magazine has been hiatus, after the availability became free and Al a.k.a. Ucay, my Indonesian scenester hero, left the magazine. But it's actually true that the magazine has lost their characteristic of mixed between the news, comedy, and fabolous DIY art projects. It's just be a ... magazine...

I went out of the store and travel to another distros in Jl. Sultan Agung, such as Ouval, God inc, D'Loops, etc. I found that indie scene in Bandung are now out of media to have some "mainstream" in the indie scene itself. It can be seen since the smaller availability of Ripple Magazine after the 35th edition to the present. Independent music in Bandung, now is very generous that there are no more dominant independent scene anymore like hardcore age, melodic punk age, or emo age. It's more general and cannot be identifiy anymore. The benefit from it is, the markets are wider, but more to be smaller.

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