Friday, May 16, 2008

APRES Mustang Oldies

I am being chosen as APRES Mustang (Musik Petang/Evening Music) Oldies committee as the Logistic Coordinator. APRES Mustang is a monthly or bimonthly annual event from APRES ITB unit, to present music performances by APRES members to all over ITB. The theme today is Mustang Oldies, which present old songs from 1960’s-1990’s era of songs with various music genres. This is the first time I join any musical event as a committee.

I do illustrating the stage for the event and prepare for all the things that the event needs. Looking that APRES itself doesn’t have any proper music instruments to hold a band event; it’s time for logistic crews to prepare for all the things to hold the event. So, my job is to lobby people to borrow music instruments from them for the event (as APRES only give Rp300.000 budget for Mustang event).

The event will be held today, Friday, March 16th 2008, and the check sound has been held yesterday, Thursday, March 15th 2006. I personally don’t have a background to be a logistic coordinator, but the main thing that I agreed to be logistic coordinator is I just because I want to know how music works with the electronics, and how it synchronize each other. So, this is a new experience for me personally, and I enjoy everything that is connected with music.

See you at the show tonight!

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