Thursday, May 1, 2008

Acoustic Night SBM-ITB 2008

Yesterday, KM-SBM ITB Culture and Art division held a musical event at Student Lounge, SBM-ITB building, titled Acoustic Night SBM-ITB 2008. The event presented acoustic type of bands from all SBM-ITB students, and has a purpose of creating unity between 2010, 2009, and 2008 class. At this event, I’m in charge of publication coordinator, and you can see my work in here.

Well, about Tutor B-and, we actually got the first opening performance for the show, which is at 17.30. But we actually performed our show for about 17.50, because of the unready of the committee. Tutor B-and performed “Permadani dan Kaca” first, than “Semburat Romansa” with all Tutorial I-B audience, attended the show. See it!

Tutor B-and – “Permadani dan Kaca”

Tutor B-and – “Semburat Romansa”

After that, the MC opened the show, and continues the event. There were total 13 bands from 2010 and 2009 class. After the MC finished, band from Eswan, Audy, and the other friends perform Kings of Convenience song, and “Drive” from Incubus. In the middle of they perform, I was praying Maghrib at the second floor of SBM-ITB building.

After I came back from praying, a band from 2009 were playing other bands songs that I don’t event realized it. Then, it’s time to Hendra Band perform the show. They took a contract with Rockepreneur to record their performance. Hendra Band actually hanged their name into Monkey, Crocodile, and the Handsome. But they didn’t want to answer, what is behind the name. They consist of Krisna in vocal, Deru in guitar/vocal, and Hendra in guitar/vocal. They performed 2 songs, and one last song was made by them. Watch it!

Monkey, Crocodile, and the Handsome - “Dusk and summer” from Dashboard Confessional

Monkey, Crocodile, and the Handsome – “Hospital to the Yellow”

After that, there is a cat came to the event, which made some hysteria to the cat paranoids. :) The committee was also preparing foods for lunch and snacks such as yellow rice, and yoghurt. I bought both of them to fulfill my hunger.

After filling up my stomach, it’s time for Fruit and Salad performed in the stage. This is one of the most wanted bands in the show, especially for the 2010 classes. They had recorded a song called “Show me the way” who has spread to almost every students hand phones on SBM-ITB. It has a very big characteristic of bands like Ten 2 Five, but more generous and melodious. At the show, they performed 3 songs which is an opening song, and 2 full length songs. At this time, they presented a new song called “More than welcome”, which is 2 times more powerful and beautiful than their last song. I can recognize right away that Lutfhan, the guitarist has a very big influence in DePaPePe. The song is very cool! Here are the clips of their performances.

Fruit and Salad – opening and “More than welcome”

Fruit and Salad – “Show me the way”

See, they’re cool right!

After they play, the other pointed bands in the show was like Nisa dan Kawan-kawan who played fusion Jazz acoustic, Patra and the Gang who performed playful and cheerful 2 alternative songs that made almost all the viewers get entertained by them, and The Bastards of Rome who perform Indie Pop music, especially Pure Saturday’s song, “Buka” which is I love it so much, because the song contains positive and unity lyrics, which is very fits the theme of the show. I personally, had performed “Buka” to represent my seniors farewell party when I was 2nd grade of 66 high school.

This is the photo when I performed “Buka” at high school

Unseen Forehead and the Glasses, another band from 2010 was also performing 2 songs from Sheila On 7 and the other one I forgot what song they played. Nosa as the vocalist seems pretty amused the audiences with his "kecrekan" in his hand. The show ended with the thanks from the MC and the committee, and we was given present for attending the show, which is a pack of Roka chocolate to be shared with our friends. 2009 classes was also won the price of the “song guest quiz” that is held in the transition between the bands, competing with 2010 and 2008 classes.

The evaluation

The briefing after the show told us to be more communicative to each coordinator in the show to make the coordination more efficient. Then we were being told to be on time, because it affected the schedule of the show to start.

The rest of it, we got free yellow rice and go home. The big problem of me is, MY GUITAR AMPLIFIER IS GONE! Its still haven’t been found right now, and the logistic committee who are responsible for the tools at the show, seems didn’t give pretty much attention for this. The most shocking is that, I with Tutor B-and still perform with my own amplifier, and yesterday shouldn’t be the last time I used and saw my guitar amps. I’m trying to follow up to the committee right now. I hope, tomorrow, I would have got the information about the availability of my guitar amps. Oh yes, one of my guitar jack was also gone after the show. :(

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