Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Unpredictable day

Didn't shoot the CSR TVC

We didn't shoot the CSR TVC today. :( There was a lot of unpredictable condition occured today. Like for example Jatun was felt asleep that made the shooting was lack of property. Than it was a big rain that made the logisic that has been prepared, cannot be distributed. So, Tim Sukses Sebelas decided to postpone the shooting for today, and reschedule it for tomorrow.

Happy sport

In the sport subject we compete each divided-by-two tutorial class, for outdoor futsal championship. Each team should be prepared with 6 persons that consist of 4 male and 2 female. Julian Squad futsal team consist of Tari, Vidia, Julian, Deru, Sandy, and Ian, and in the bench are me, Gumi, Tabi, Zep, Vincent, and Wiskas. But I was a free rider at the time, because I wasn't being choosen to replace the player in the field at all. Our team won the 2nd champion of the competition. :)

Went back home

Tired after preparing for shooting that wasnn't happened, and attending sport subject, I went back home with angkot, and went asleep until 12 o'clock. Do you know why I went back home with angkot, and not with my motorcycle? It's because I was still assuming that Tim Sukses Sebelas will still had an effort to do the shooting at the site where my motorcycle is located, which is below the big tree in North parking lot ITB. But actually it didn't happened at all.

CRW II class

I woke up and straight to go to the campus to finish up my CRW II task in tutorial class. I finished up the task after Mrs. Nia has come to the class. I straightly printed up my task in the computer lab that collecting it. At CRW II class, we just being asked to search information about how to make a research paper. I searched it in the library from the thesis's and the internet. We should make a research paper for 3 weeks, with free topics.

Attended HM-SBM Culture and Art meeting

I attended the meeting for Himpunan SBM-ITB Culture and Art to communicate our progress in Acoustic Night. Ayu, the leader, told me to use the minimum budget to spread the flyers for SBM-ITB Acoustic Night publication. It's because I spent Rp10.000 for the 50 exemplars black and white printed photocopy of the "Coming Soon..". She told me to use our free 50 piece of paper every month every student to do the copy in the campus to do the minimum budget. The meeting just occured for 10 minutes.

Education and Training APERS ITB: Man in Charge

After I prayed Ashar, I went to APRES to attend the Education and Training APERS ITB: Man in Charge. The purpose of this event is to introduce how to be responsible in doing rental band equipments in APRES. We also being educated by Dicko, Ibnu, and Aryo, to built up a drumset inside APRES 2x2 sekre. The sekre was full of persons and a drum. :)

Another GME 2008 publication

After I prayed Maghrib at ITB central library, I went back to APRES to meet Mahar, the leader of the publication team of GME 2008. We got the task to publish the posters again in ITB billboards, but we should wait for the STOMP PRESS training to finish first, because most of the publication team members are also the STOMP PRESS members. Because I was lay off the STOM PRESS, because of the crash schedule of the D-day with SBM-ITB Excursion to Gede Mountain, so I decided to spread the posters all alone again, to be able to finish the job first. :) But this time, Mahar just told me to spread 16 posters, and I suggested to him that I spread it in Gedung Serba Guna ITB, and KBL canteen. He approved my suggestion and I started the spreading.

This time, he told me to overbear the other units posters in the billboard. I was shock at that time, but he told me that this is the competition in sticking posters inside ITB and it has been an usuall thing to do. :( So, I went to Gedung Serba Guna ITB first to stick up posters on the doors. I did it with Gestalt law again. :) Then I want to KBL canteen, and sticking all the GME 2008 posters in a wall for about 7 posters, until I ran out of the posters and the glue, overbear the other posters. I went back to APRES ITB, and perit to go home. When I went back to APERS, Bems Band was in practice for GME 2008. One of the personnel is Christy, one of my rental house friend. I wave her and I straightly went back to my rental room.

I hope tomorow, we could go shooting for the Communication final project of the TVC CSR. Because time is priceless.

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