Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tim Sukses Sebelas do the ETSF presentation

Me, Egan, and Misykat, did the ETSF Auditorium presentation on 11.00 in the ETSF class about our excursion trip to Mandala Kitri Camping Ground in Taman Nasional Gunung Gede Pangrango. We did it for about 15 minutes, and brought pretty many ideas to Mr. Sjarmidi, the lecturer.

We told about the conflict of the availability of Mandala Kitri with the environment and the social condition in Taman Nasional Gunung Gede Pangrango. The source that we research told that Mandala Kitri Camping Ground should be relocating to another place. We told this statement from the suggestion of Mr. Trisno, as the Head of Responsibility of Cibodas National Park that I get on the research.

The story is like this. I met Mr. Trisno at the last day of research in the morning, and I actually met him not in purpose. We decided to finish the research at the last day of excursion, so Tim Sukses Sebelas members have decided to go holiday on that last day. Than, decided to go to Cibodas National Park to refresh my mind. Fortunately, I met another research team which describes the eco-tourism in Cibodas National Park. I met them in the front gate, and they were invited to meet the Head of Responsibility of Cibodas National Park in the office. So, I decided to join them, separate my team Tim Sukses Sebelas, who decided to go to the Puncak Pass and eat roasted corn.

As I joined the team, I entered the library and met Mr. Trisno. From there, I found information that Mandala Kitri Camping Ground, which is Cibodas National Park’s neighbor, are going to be closed and relocated. The reason is because the camping ground is placed near the Cibodas National Park, which has purpose of observation, and in the other hand, camping ground itself are identical to harm the environment.

The conclusion is, we did the presentation well, and the lecturer was pretty satisfied to our job. But the problem is Jatun and Uta weren’t come to the presentation that made Tim Sukses Sebelas incomplete.

See you!

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