Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Stick up Ganesha Music Event 2008 posters and flyers all over ITB

Did you know? I just stick up GME 2008 posters all alone. I just like a superman tonight. :)

The job of the Ganesha Music Event 2008 Publication Team

I’m at publication team for GME 2008, and my job is to communicate people to come to the event. I spread the flyers first before I went sticking up the posters. I got for about 250 flyers to be spread straight to the people, and I did it after some walking around Campus Center, canteens, and Himpunan’s base camp. After I finished up spreading flyers of mine, I went back to the sekre. But in the way back, I met Rishad, and seems like we was given about 250 flyers too. It's was so pity to him because actually, he should practice STOMP APRES for GME 2008 with the team. So I decided to spread another 250 flyers to the public of ITB. It occured about 1 and a half hour and finished at 6 o'clock in the evening.

After 6 o'clock, I went back to APRES, and took a Maghrib pray. Then, I sticking up GME 2008 posters all over ITB bilboard all alone. It should be with Luthfan, but he should trained the STOMP PRESS for the performance. So I decided to spread the posters all alone. Me with Luthfan made the glue from FOX with water, mixed in a mineral bottle, than we made a hole on the cap to be able to spray it to the back of the posters and stick it.

The journey

The journey of sticking up posters starts at 19.30, in the middle of the STOMP PRESS training. The first destination of the journey, I went to Geology major in the North-western side of ITB. There was a big and a little bit unseen billboard which has all out-of-date posters on it. So, it's like a land without a harvest. :) I stick up about 16 posters with Gestalt "whole" style stick. 4x2 posters in each side of the bilboard. That was the most satisfied poster sticking.

Second, I went to the Bengkok Canteen to stick up about 8 posters there. It's like the other publication team have reached this sites and sticking up GME 2008 posters, so I just stick up again to some little spaces. Then I went to the Chemical major, to see the billboard. The other team has also stick up posters there, but seems like it wasn't stick up with all heart. :) About 2 posters has fell apart, and the others were almost fell apart. So, I stick up the posters again with the glue there.

The third most satisfied poster sticking is in East GKU ITB. There was a big wall, that has been stick a lot of posters from other units. But there was a horizontal spot below the wall that is still clear. So, with a big confident I stick for about 14 posters on the spot below and 6 posters on the spot that has small spaces. I didn't realized that I spilled up a lot of glue drops to the floor after I stick all the posters. It seems that nobody was watching me when I stick the poster, that made me afraid that whether I should have the permission first to stick up the posters on the site or not. Because I just like ruined the floor up. :) So, after all stick on the wall, I straightly went back to my motorcycle, and go away. :) But the posters, could be seen effectively after I went to my motorcycle.

The forth site, I went to the Archictecture and Art major ITB. There were 3 billboards there, but it all has been filled up with another up-to-date units posters. So, at this site, I could only stick up 4 posters.

Then I went to the Southern-west ITB parking lot, and I saw about 10 big billboads there. But I couldn't stick up all the posters on the site because I ran out glues. So, after sticking up for about 14 posters and ran out glues, I went back to APRES. I didn't realized that the time has passed by so fast. It has been 9 o'clock in the evening. So, I permit to Shery, the leader of the STOMP PRESS and went home.

On the road to go home, I met Luthfan with his team Odi, Bayu, and Fachri on East GKU. I told Luthfan to see my work sticking the posters there, beside the ladder (the horizonal one), then I permit him to go home.

I prayed Isya, listen to Angels and Airwaves, and went asleep. Nice day, nice work, tomorow 6 o'clock in the morning, Communication shooting. Keep fun!

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