Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Statistic winner, finally

Alhamdulillah, I got 60 in SBM (Statistic Business Management) Mid Term Task. That means that from 3 questions, I got 2 correct answers, and it means that I did pretty well in the UTS. Although I got C for the UTS, I won’t regret it because I did it with full of honesty without any cheating. I had time to study well in D-3 day before the test, and I learned it with Ikhsan and Dika.

You can see the post here where I had already predict that I would correct 2 from 3 questions in the UTS.

You can also see here how the work of learning statistic for the UTS.

The more bless to god, today I did the ANOVA learning for SBM pretty well. 2 exercise that the lecturer given to us from the Levine’s Book, I done it clearly. Even though I need some of my friends to ask about the way to solve it, I kind of getting the understatement of the subject. It might be because I did learning statistic for 2 days before today, full recap the past subjects from Chapter 9 to 10 (It actually hasn’t finished yet).

Subhanallah, I did well in statistic today. I still have a chance to get B in my SBM cumulative score at the end of the semester. I hope my statistic learning spirit would be increased again after now. Thank you Ya Allah!

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