Monday, April 7, 2008

Responsible day


Today is another busy day of my day. In the morning, I had a surprising CRW II class. Actually there was a homework given to our class to make a definition essay, but do you know what, I just realized in the early morning at about 6.30 in the morning, and the class was actually started at 7 o’clock. :) So, today, I didn’t take my shower to go to the campus, because my morning is being used to finish up my homework. I did the homework for 15 minutes, and I straightly printed in from my “out of black color” HP DeskJet 3920 printer. I used dark gray color to replace it.

CRW II class

I entered the CRW II class and we studied about cause and effect essay. This semester is full of essay learning. The cause and effect essay, we learned topics from the latest news in Indonesia. We found natural environment problems, economy, politics, and social from the internet, and we discussed what are the causes and effects of the problems and ideas to solve it. We got homework to build an essay with cause and effect problems that we got.

Afternoon free time

In the afternoon brake, I just sit back and work at the Computer Lab to finish my Communication home work to identify the mimic, gesture, music, dress, and the camera angle of the movie The Terminal that is casted by Tom Hanks. The film was great, and we watched it last Friday. It should be a minimum of 600 words, with margin 2.5 cm in all side, and name and nim in upper left side. I did it for 1 and a half hour. I finished it at 12.30.

I had an initiative to pray Dzuhur at the Central Library (Perpustakaan ITB), and after I prayed I would relax and reading books in American Corner in the library. But actually, the water was shut down at that time, which made me couldn’t Wudhu for the pray. So, I decided to go to the PAU building to pray there. But then again, because of the unstoppable raining, I decided to go back to SBM-ITB to pray, and the situation made my plan to go to American Corner didn’t happen.

Communication class

The communication class started at 13.30, and we learned about advertising communication. Mr. Uli replaced the lecturer that had an appointment outside. He explained the lesson way too fast. I could only capture some of the ideas. But then, he explains more to the advertisement. Again, he explained the advertisement with his idealized point of view, and not with the reality point of view. I didn’t like that way, because it’s like you lie to the public about a reality, and advertisement itself is something that’s related to the public.

We entered the tutorial class, and we did a discussion again about our final project, making a Corporate Social Responsibility TV Commercial (CSR TVC). The progress from the lecturer was very slow, and it made our discussion group, which is “Tim Sukses Sebelas” that consist of Dorojatun, Gautama P. Egan Evanzha, Misykat and me, had an initiative to start planning for the shooting. We decided to go shooting in Wednesday, started in the morning to the evening, using the free times.

The progress of our group is that we started to shoot the scenes this Wednesday and we hope that it could finish the time of shooting that day, and the rest of it will be editing. It’s because we had a simple idea about a helmet man. The title is “Helman”. It tells you about the story of a person who always put on his helmet on, whether he’s doing activities at college, or hang out with his friends. Than at one day, he had an accident after he put off his helmet, because of answering a phone. This is a funny CSR story for the safety motorcycle riding by Honda, and I hope the target, which is teenagers who are the most of the victim of the motorcycle traffic accident, could realized about safety riding.

So, I hope that it will go well, and could capture people imagination.

After the class

After I took the Ashar pray, I went to KBL canteen to ask for permission to do a shooting in the canteen, and Mr. Kus said that it is ok to use the canteen for the shooting, and it doesn’t require a complicated permission. So as SBM-ITB building, that the administration accepts our permission to use the building as the shooting site for our Communication’s final project. But we actually haven’t asked the permission to do shooting at the North ITB parking lot. We hope that it could work well tomorrow.

I recorded some sites that it will be the sites for the scenes to capture the real illustration of the scenes.

I hope this Communication final project to make a CSR TVC could be successful and bring a lot of usefulness to all of us. Amin!

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