Tuesday, April 1, 2008

How to find a market and reverse engineering

In the morning, I got a very interesting lecture from Mr. Gatot Yudoko, from ETSF subject. He told that the basic of business is the chain of value that connected each other. I didn’t really note the lecture from the beginning to the end, but I noted some interesting information from Mr. Gatot Yudoko, which are:

How to find a market

Although he didn’t told us directly, but he linearly told us how to find a market. First, we should be interest in a product that we want to sell. Then, if we already found it, and it’s still not available in our country (imported), is it able to be made in our country? After that, can we do the product and the technical design? Are the materials available? After it all can be finished, are the price can be lower from the imported products? If not, we should find another market for another useful product, or keep on the product and find another market. Multimedia civilization hypothesis

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is a method of built down the products that have been built-up to learn the system of the product. It’s funny because I did this when I was developing brokenplectrum.blogspot.com to make it full of features and popular at internet. I “View – Source” HTML tag sources from blogs that I like its design and its system to make them popular to apply it to my blog. I also did this activity when I was exploring my first desktop computer that now I’ve sold it.

I think this is the best ETSF lecture I’ve ever experienced after all. :)

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