Monday, April 14, 2008

GME 2008 evaluation part 1

From this time, I started to think that organization is a very important thing.

Points that I get from the evaluation:

1. MC must be close within each other to make the conversation to the audience flow naturally.

2. Event Coordinator must have detail information to his workers.

3. There should be briefing about the job desk before and after the show.

4. Every person in organization must really know his/her job.

5. Human resource is one of the most important things in organization.

6. Liaison Officer (LO) job, is to handle and responsible to the performers.

7. There should be communication between the people.

8. We should attend the evaluation with positive learn point of view.

9. Evaluation mustn’t occur more than 2 hours in 1 session.

10. We should prepare our physical and mental condition to attend evaluation.

11. Positive thinking about the benefits of the evaluation for our organizational
skill and experience.

12. We have to love and enjoy the event that we built together.

13. Don’t be broken hearted if your job that you’ve done is being criticized and evaluated, because the purpose of it is to learn and evaluate, what are the better things that we should do to prevent the problem in the next event.

14. Documentation Coordinator is to manage the recordings of the event from beginning to the end.

15. Security Coordinator’s job is to handle the security all over the site and belongings of the event.

16. Logistic Coordinator’s job is to prepare the things that are needed in the event.

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