Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Full day today (went to goa Belanda)

Went to goa Belanda

In the morning, I went to Goa Belanda in Dago Pakar and walking in “reflection massage” rocks road to Maribaya, Lembang. It was a sick road that we took up and down land of hills and met rocky road that truly “super massage” my feet for 1 and a half hour. I thank full to Allah, because when I first arrived at the first start, my light was run of battery, so I bought the battery and also bought an AQUA. The AQUA is the safer for me because of the sun shine straight to my skin, really sweated my body out that made me needs to drink AQUA all the way.

As the sick of the road, I remembered about my high school that I had already gone here at Taman Nasional Ir. Juanda, which is the location of Goa Belanda and Goa Jepang, as my 66 high school trip to Bandung. I wrote the experience in

Here are the links:

Here are the photos:

Went back home

I went back home after the trip, and ate at Clemmons Imam Bonjol in front of my house. As I finished my eating, Marco, Ikhsan, Tizi, Uti, Siska, and Tiara have just arrived at Clemmons. So I decided to make conversation with them, until they finished the eating. So, it’s double my time I used to eat. But it’s ok, it was a lot of fun, and I went back home after the eating.

After I entered my room, few minutes after it, Misykat went to my room and ordered Clemmons to my room. I said it was forbidden but he kept ordering, and asked the waiter to send it to in front of the house. As he waiting for the order, I played some Nudist Island songs in my Marlique Guitar. After the order came and Misykat finish eating, I ended my guitar playing to do Dzuhur pray, and straight to go to SBM-ITB.


I went to SBM with my training pants still on, with the cracked mud that is still sticking on it. I came to CRW II class with people keep asking me whether I have took a shower or not, and I keep answering that I already took it in the morning. CRW II class today, we learned about making definition essay, and I once asked that is it the same with Wikipedia text that describe a particular thing, and my teacher said no because there are no topic sentences, supporting sentences, and conclusion as an essay format has.

Culture and Art meeting

I went to Tutorial I-A class and had a meeting for HM-SBM Culture and Art, discussing about SBM-ITB Acoustic Night 2008 and SBM-ITB Bazaar 2008. At the meeting I voluntary vote to be the Publication Coordinator for SBM-ITB Acoustic Night 2008, and my task is to communicate all the people to come the venue. So my homework today is to make a big publication of “Coming Soon…” SBM-ITB Acoustic Night 2008 that the deadline is tomorrow. :)

Then, at the second part of the meeting, I actually was voluntarily choose vice secretary position because I want to know something in making proposals. But, at the end of the meeting, I was being chosen as the License and Permission Coordinator of SBM-ITB Bazaar 2008, because of my knowledge of the ITB geographical position. My task is to cover the license and permission about something that the event needs.

Ta’lim at musholla

After that, I went to musholla to pray Ashar; and at the same time SMUTY (SBM-ITB Muslim Community) was making a ta’lim, which is a discussion and sharing forum about bless-god experiences in reality. I listened the ta’lim for a while for the story from Yudha, my 2009 friend, about his meaningful experience, being the leader of Buka Puasa Bersama se-SBM-ITB 2007, for Ramadan month last year. He told the story that he was being prayed by panti asuhan kids that were being invited to the event because of his totality, serving them from the first time coming to ITB, until he sent them back to the panti asuhan. His story was the last story of the ta’lim, and very influential to others, and soon after that, they closed the ta’lim as the time entered the Maghrib adzan. I prayed Magrib together with them.

Guitar Hero and Badminton

As I went back home, I should come to the Himpunan Badminton SBM-ITB in 7 o’clock, and at the same time, there was Guitar Hero event in APRES ITB. The reality is I’m writing this post for Rockepreneur. :)

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