Monday, April 28, 2008

Acoustic Night 2008 publication and TVC shooting

Acoustic Night 2008 publication

I published another 20 posters of Acoustic Night 2008 this late afternoon, which is held by KM-SBM Art & Culture. I had already spread 30 posters in D-5, and today is D-2. The plan should be spread 50 posters in D-7, but actually, the controversial of schedule changing, and the unfinished band registration in D-7, made the publication should be postponed for 2 days. I published the poster with the publication team that I consist of me and Mila.

Here’s the poster that I create it:

TVC shooting

Today, Tim Sukses Sebelas, our production team, decided to do shooting to finish our final project of Communication. We did the shooting in Tutorial I-B, SBM-ITB lobby, and ITB North parking lot. The talent is Misykat, and he was late to soot to the 1st scene in ITB North parking lot, but we were able to done it for about 10 minutes, and 5 minutes before 7 o’clock in the morning, attending the CRW II class. This time of shooting, we were more preparing than the previous shooting that we decided to discard it and make the new one. This time, we use DVD cam and 4 DIY reflector made from stereo foam, warped by silver paper, to reflect the source of light. The thing that we haven’t got it is the halogen lamp for the lighting. But Jatun, as the director, will bring it tomorrow, as he bought it after we finished the class at 16.00.

We did the class scene, and lobby scene in SBM-ITB building. In the lobby scene, we used Hanif and Tabi as the supporting role that greet Misykat, as the talent, when he entered the building. This was a tough scene because we have to search for lights and reflect it to the talent. This is because we haven’t got any extra lighting from lamps or halogen bulbs. But the challenge was great. I got so many lights from the sun to be reflected to the talent, and it seems pretty bright.

The end of the shooting is in the ITB parking lot again, and was held in 17.15. There were only a few lights that we could receive. The reflector seems didn’t work very well to the scene. But we did shoot the received phone called that made the talent open up his helmet and turns to be a disaster to him.

I was so shame that I could take any picture when we shoot the scenes. That was an interesting shooting that we search for light to be reflect, shoot the scene, and act. It’s because that I found that my Canon IXY 700 was run out of battery, and it told that I should change the battery package. It’s because I still forced to use the camera when it was ran out of battery. :( The problem is, the price of the new battery is about Rp400.000, which is very expensive!

See you tomorrow!

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