Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Statistic winner, finally

Alhamdulillah, I got 60 in SBM (Statistic Business Management) Mid Term Task. That means that from 3 questions, I got 2 correct answers, and it means that I did pretty well in the UTS. Although I got C for the UTS, I won’t regret it because I did it with full of honesty without any cheating. I had time to study well in D-3 day before the test, and I learned it with Ikhsan and Dika.

You can see the post here where I had already predict that I would correct 2 from 3 questions in the UTS.

You can also see here how the work of learning statistic for the UTS.

The more bless to god, today I did the ANOVA learning for SBM pretty well. 2 exercise that the lecturer given to us from the Levine’s Book, I done it clearly. Even though I need some of my friends to ask about the way to solve it, I kind of getting the understatement of the subject. It might be because I did learning statistic for 2 days before today, full recap the past subjects from Chapter 9 to 10 (It actually hasn’t finished yet).

Subhanallah, I did well in statistic today. I still have a chance to get B in my SBM cumulative score at the end of the semester. I hope my statistic learning spirit would be increased again after now. Thank you Ya Allah!

Tim Sukses Sebelas do the ETSF presentation

Me, Egan, and Misykat, did the ETSF Auditorium presentation on 11.00 in the ETSF class about our excursion trip to Mandala Kitri Camping Ground in Taman Nasional Gunung Gede Pangrango. We did it for about 15 minutes, and brought pretty many ideas to Mr. Sjarmidi, the lecturer.

We told about the conflict of the availability of Mandala Kitri with the environment and the social condition in Taman Nasional Gunung Gede Pangrango. The source that we research told that Mandala Kitri Camping Ground should be relocating to another place. We told this statement from the suggestion of Mr. Trisno, as the Head of Responsibility of Cibodas National Park that I get on the research.

The story is like this. I met Mr. Trisno at the last day of research in the morning, and I actually met him not in purpose. We decided to finish the research at the last day of excursion, so Tim Sukses Sebelas members have decided to go holiday on that last day. Than, decided to go to Cibodas National Park to refresh my mind. Fortunately, I met another research team which describes the eco-tourism in Cibodas National Park. I met them in the front gate, and they were invited to meet the Head of Responsibility of Cibodas National Park in the office. So, I decided to join them, separate my team Tim Sukses Sebelas, who decided to go to the Puncak Pass and eat roasted corn.

As I joined the team, I entered the library and met Mr. Trisno. From there, I found information that Mandala Kitri Camping Ground, which is Cibodas National Park’s neighbor, are going to be closed and relocated. The reason is because the camping ground is placed near the Cibodas National Park, which has purpose of observation, and in the other hand, camping ground itself are identical to harm the environment.

The conclusion is, we did the presentation well, and the lecturer was pretty satisfied to our job. But the problem is Jatun and Uta weren’t come to the presentation that made Tim Sukses Sebelas incomplete.

See you!

I late again though

This morning, I actually woke up at 6 in the morning, but then I felt asleep again after that and I woke up in 7 o’clock. :( So, I late to enter the ETSF subject in 7 o’clock.

I’m always hard to wake up in the morning, not because I’m lazy to go to college, but I was lazy to think about the preparation to go to college. Just like the last thing I have already posted it here.

The lazy to take Subuh pray which has limited time in maximum 6 o’clock in the morning, and to take a shower is the main thing the reason I got late this morning. In the lazy time I just lay in the bed and started to think “pasrah” for the subject. But then my mind was spread out to think about other things that I should have done in the morning and the plan activities that I should done in the whole day. The laziness took me to give “pasrah” to the situation again. It’s very bad though.

So, I’m writing this post in the Computer Room SBM, after I recognize that the Auditorium ETSF class has been finished after I came in. The next class will start in 10 o’clock continuing the excursion presentation.

I hope I wouldn’t do the same anymore.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Acoustic Night 2008 publication and TVC shooting

Acoustic Night 2008 publication

I published another 20 posters of Acoustic Night 2008 this late afternoon, which is held by KM-SBM Art & Culture. I had already spread 30 posters in D-5, and today is D-2. The plan should be spread 50 posters in D-7, but actually, the controversial of schedule changing, and the unfinished band registration in D-7, made the publication should be postponed for 2 days. I published the poster with the publication team that I consist of me and Mila.

Here’s the poster that I create it:

TVC shooting

Today, Tim Sukses Sebelas, our production team, decided to do shooting to finish our final project of Communication. We did the shooting in Tutorial I-B, SBM-ITB lobby, and ITB North parking lot. The talent is Misykat, and he was late to soot to the 1st scene in ITB North parking lot, but we were able to done it for about 10 minutes, and 5 minutes before 7 o’clock in the morning, attending the CRW II class. This time of shooting, we were more preparing than the previous shooting that we decided to discard it and make the new one. This time, we use DVD cam and 4 DIY reflector made from stereo foam, warped by silver paper, to reflect the source of light. The thing that we haven’t got it is the halogen lamp for the lighting. But Jatun, as the director, will bring it tomorrow, as he bought it after we finished the class at 16.00.

We did the class scene, and lobby scene in SBM-ITB building. In the lobby scene, we used Hanif and Tabi as the supporting role that greet Misykat, as the talent, when he entered the building. This was a tough scene because we have to search for lights and reflect it to the talent. This is because we haven’t got any extra lighting from lamps or halogen bulbs. But the challenge was great. I got so many lights from the sun to be reflected to the talent, and it seems pretty bright.

The end of the shooting is in the ITB parking lot again, and was held in 17.15. There were only a few lights that we could receive. The reflector seems didn’t work very well to the scene. But we did shoot the received phone called that made the talent open up his helmet and turns to be a disaster to him.

I was so shame that I could take any picture when we shoot the scenes. That was an interesting shooting that we search for light to be reflect, shoot the scene, and act. It’s because that I found that my Canon IXY 700 was run out of battery, and it told that I should change the battery package. It’s because I still forced to use the camera when it was ran out of battery. :( The problem is, the price of the new battery is about Rp400.000, which is very expensive!

See you tomorrow!

Morning ITB culinary

As usual, I breakfast late in 10 o’clock in the morning. I did my breakfast in KBL ITB (Kantin Barat Laut ITB). I ate prasmanan rice, rending, cap cay, and 2 fried tempe for Rp8.500. After that I went to Tokema, the ITB grocery store, to search for the dessert. I found Nyam-Nyam Rice Crispy, the snack that I like when I was at elementary school. I found it behind the biscuit section and it still in wrap in dozen. I took one and I bought it for Rp1.800. The thing that surprised me is that, the spoon has changed, to be more showing the Nyam-Nyam logo, and shaped not like a tea spoon anymore, but more like a stick.

I tasted my elementary school joy!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

ITB Bandung culinary road

On the free time, I just get bored of SBM-ITB building. At the same time, my cash on my wallet is only a few. So I decided to withraw my ATM in front of ITB. After I withraw it, I went to Salman Mosque and entered ...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Statistic loser, be patient

I couldn’t do anything in statistic subject quiz yesterday. Just scratching some ballpoint in the paper for some sign, that I don’t even know what is it.

My tutor was shocked after she saw my work. The answer that would use 2 or more page, only I answered it in 3 lines.

I won’t cheat if I stuck in assignment! Be better to me to calm myself from the heart-beat condition, and pray to god that my attitude in patient would bring usefulness for myself and not being pursued by devil’s whisper to cheat.

I have to be better next time.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Doing excursion report and attend the lecturer consultation meeting

ETSF subject

In ETSF subject, we compiled and started to make report for our excursion. We could do it anywhere we like, but we should go back at 10 o'clock and collect the soft copy to Mrs. Celine, our mentor at excursion. Tim Sukses Sebelas has enter the level of pointing the important things and categorizing each of the points at the right place.

Attended the lecturer consultation meeting

My lecturer for the consultation is Mr. Dedi, Ph.D. Wow, it's unique right, that our lecturer is a Ph.D. He did his Ph.D in economics, but actually he did his first and second degree in electronics :)

Ok, I should enter the SBM class. Hope for the best!

Monday, April 14, 2008

GME 2008 evaluation part 1

From this time, I started to think that organization is a very important thing.

Points that I get from the evaluation:

1. MC must be close within each other to make the conversation to the audience flow naturally.

2. Event Coordinator must have detail information to his workers.

3. There should be briefing about the job desk before and after the show.

4. Every person in organization must really know his/her job.

5. Human resource is one of the most important things in organization.

6. Liaison Officer (LO) job, is to handle and responsible to the performers.

7. There should be communication between the people.

8. We should attend the evaluation with positive learn point of view.

9. Evaluation mustn’t occur more than 2 hours in 1 session.

10. We should prepare our physical and mental condition to attend evaluation.

11. Positive thinking about the benefits of the evaluation for our organizational
skill and experience.

12. We have to love and enjoy the event that we built together.

13. Don’t be broken hearted if your job that you’ve done is being criticized and evaluated, because the purpose of it is to learn and evaluate, what are the better things that we should do to prevent the problem in the next event.

14. Documentation Coordinator is to manage the recordings of the event from beginning to the end.

15. Security Coordinator’s job is to handle the security all over the site and belongings of the event.

16. Logistic Coordinator’s job is to prepare the things that are needed in the event.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Unpredictable day

Didn't shoot the CSR TVC

We didn't shoot the CSR TVC today. :( There was a lot of unpredictable condition occured today. Like for example Jatun was felt asleep that made the shooting was lack of property. Than it was a big rain that made the logisic that has been prepared, cannot be distributed. So, Tim Sukses Sebelas decided to postpone the shooting for today, and reschedule it for tomorrow.

Happy sport

In the sport subject we compete each divided-by-two tutorial class, for outdoor futsal championship. Each team should be prepared with 6 persons that consist of 4 male and 2 female. Julian Squad futsal team consist of Tari, Vidia, Julian, Deru, Sandy, and Ian, and in the bench are me, Gumi, Tabi, Zep, Vincent, and Wiskas. But I was a free rider at the time, because I wasn't being choosen to replace the player in the field at all. Our team won the 2nd champion of the competition. :)

Went back home

Tired after preparing for shooting that wasnn't happened, and attending sport subject, I went back home with angkot, and went asleep until 12 o'clock. Do you know why I went back home with angkot, and not with my motorcycle? It's because I was still assuming that Tim Sukses Sebelas will still had an effort to do the shooting at the site where my motorcycle is located, which is below the big tree in North parking lot ITB. But actually it didn't happened at all.

CRW II class

I woke up and straight to go to the campus to finish up my CRW II task in tutorial class. I finished up the task after Mrs. Nia has come to the class. I straightly printed up my task in the computer lab that collecting it. At CRW II class, we just being asked to search information about how to make a research paper. I searched it in the library from the thesis's and the internet. We should make a research paper for 3 weeks, with free topics.

Attended HM-SBM Culture and Art meeting

I attended the meeting for Himpunan SBM-ITB Culture and Art to communicate our progress in Acoustic Night. Ayu, the leader, told me to use the minimum budget to spread the flyers for SBM-ITB Acoustic Night publication. It's because I spent Rp10.000 for the 50 exemplars black and white printed photocopy of the "Coming Soon..". She told me to use our free 50 piece of paper every month every student to do the copy in the campus to do the minimum budget. The meeting just occured for 10 minutes.

Education and Training APERS ITB: Man in Charge

After I prayed Ashar, I went to APRES to attend the Education and Training APERS ITB: Man in Charge. The purpose of this event is to introduce how to be responsible in doing rental band equipments in APRES. We also being educated by Dicko, Ibnu, and Aryo, to built up a drumset inside APRES 2x2 sekre. The sekre was full of persons and a drum. :)

Another GME 2008 publication

After I prayed Maghrib at ITB central library, I went back to APRES to meet Mahar, the leader of the publication team of GME 2008. We got the task to publish the posters again in ITB billboards, but we should wait for the STOMP PRESS training to finish first, because most of the publication team members are also the STOMP PRESS members. Because I was lay off the STOM PRESS, because of the crash schedule of the D-day with SBM-ITB Excursion to Gede Mountain, so I decided to spread the posters all alone again, to be able to finish the job first. :) But this time, Mahar just told me to spread 16 posters, and I suggested to him that I spread it in Gedung Serba Guna ITB, and KBL canteen. He approved my suggestion and I started the spreading.

This time, he told me to overbear the other units posters in the billboard. I was shock at that time, but he told me that this is the competition in sticking posters inside ITB and it has been an usuall thing to do. :( So, I went to Gedung Serba Guna ITB first to stick up posters on the doors. I did it with Gestalt law again. :) Then I want to KBL canteen, and sticking all the GME 2008 posters in a wall for about 7 posters, until I ran out of the posters and the glue, overbear the other posters. I went back to APRES ITB, and perit to go home. When I went back to APERS, Bems Band was in practice for GME 2008. One of the personnel is Christy, one of my rental house friend. I wave her and I straightly went back to my rental room.

I hope tomorow, we could go shooting for the Communication final project of the TVC CSR. Because time is priceless.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Stick up Ganesha Music Event 2008 posters and flyers all over ITB

Did you know? I just stick up GME 2008 posters all alone. I just like a superman tonight. :)

The job of the Ganesha Music Event 2008 Publication Team

I’m at publication team for GME 2008, and my job is to communicate people to come to the event. I spread the flyers first before I went sticking up the posters. I got for about 250 flyers to be spread straight to the people, and I did it after some walking around Campus Center, canteens, and Himpunan’s base camp. After I finished up spreading flyers of mine, I went back to the sekre. But in the way back, I met Rishad, and seems like we was given about 250 flyers too. It's was so pity to him because actually, he should practice STOMP APRES for GME 2008 with the team. So I decided to spread another 250 flyers to the public of ITB. It occured about 1 and a half hour and finished at 6 o'clock in the evening.

After 6 o'clock, I went back to APRES, and took a Maghrib pray. Then, I sticking up GME 2008 posters all over ITB bilboard all alone. It should be with Luthfan, but he should trained the STOMP PRESS for the performance. So I decided to spread the posters all alone. Me with Luthfan made the glue from FOX with water, mixed in a mineral bottle, than we made a hole on the cap to be able to spray it to the back of the posters and stick it.

The journey

The journey of sticking up posters starts at 19.30, in the middle of the STOMP PRESS training. The first destination of the journey, I went to Geology major in the North-western side of ITB. There was a big and a little bit unseen billboard which has all out-of-date posters on it. So, it's like a land without a harvest. :) I stick up about 16 posters with Gestalt "whole" style stick. 4x2 posters in each side of the bilboard. That was the most satisfied poster sticking.

Second, I went to the Bengkok Canteen to stick up about 8 posters there. It's like the other publication team have reached this sites and sticking up GME 2008 posters, so I just stick up again to some little spaces. Then I went to the Chemical major, to see the billboard. The other team has also stick up posters there, but seems like it wasn't stick up with all heart. :) About 2 posters has fell apart, and the others were almost fell apart. So, I stick up the posters again with the glue there.

The third most satisfied poster sticking is in East GKU ITB. There was a big wall, that has been stick a lot of posters from other units. But there was a horizontal spot below the wall that is still clear. So, with a big confident I stick for about 14 posters on the spot below and 6 posters on the spot that has small spaces. I didn't realized that I spilled up a lot of glue drops to the floor after I stick all the posters. It seems that nobody was watching me when I stick the poster, that made me afraid that whether I should have the permission first to stick up the posters on the site or not. Because I just like ruined the floor up. :) So, after all stick on the wall, I straightly went back to my motorcycle, and go away. :) But the posters, could be seen effectively after I went to my motorcycle.

The forth site, I went to the Archictecture and Art major ITB. There were 3 billboards there, but it all has been filled up with another up-to-date units posters. So, at this site, I could only stick up 4 posters.

Then I went to the Southern-west ITB parking lot, and I saw about 10 big billboads there. But I couldn't stick up all the posters on the site because I ran out glues. So, after sticking up for about 14 posters and ran out glues, I went back to APRES. I didn't realized that the time has passed by so fast. It has been 9 o'clock in the evening. So, I permit to Shery, the leader of the STOMP PRESS and went home.

On the road to go home, I met Luthfan with his team Odi, Bayu, and Fachri on East GKU. I told Luthfan to see my work sticking the posters there, beside the ladder (the horizonal one), then I permit him to go home.

I prayed Isya, listen to Angels and Airwaves, and went asleep. Nice day, nice work, tomorow 6 o'clock in the morning, Communication shooting. Keep fun!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Responsible day


Today is another busy day of my day. In the morning, I had a surprising CRW II class. Actually there was a homework given to our class to make a definition essay, but do you know what, I just realized in the early morning at about 6.30 in the morning, and the class was actually started at 7 o’clock. :) So, today, I didn’t take my shower to go to the campus, because my morning is being used to finish up my homework. I did the homework for 15 minutes, and I straightly printed in from my “out of black color” HP DeskJet 3920 printer. I used dark gray color to replace it.

CRW II class

I entered the CRW II class and we studied about cause and effect essay. This semester is full of essay learning. The cause and effect essay, we learned topics from the latest news in Indonesia. We found natural environment problems, economy, politics, and social from the internet, and we discussed what are the causes and effects of the problems and ideas to solve it. We got homework to build an essay with cause and effect problems that we got.

Afternoon free time

In the afternoon brake, I just sit back and work at the Computer Lab to finish my Communication home work to identify the mimic, gesture, music, dress, and the camera angle of the movie The Terminal that is casted by Tom Hanks. The film was great, and we watched it last Friday. It should be a minimum of 600 words, with margin 2.5 cm in all side, and name and nim in upper left side. I did it for 1 and a half hour. I finished it at 12.30.

I had an initiative to pray Dzuhur at the Central Library (Perpustakaan ITB), and after I prayed I would relax and reading books in American Corner in the library. But actually, the water was shut down at that time, which made me couldn’t Wudhu for the pray. So, I decided to go to the PAU building to pray there. But then again, because of the unstoppable raining, I decided to go back to SBM-ITB to pray, and the situation made my plan to go to American Corner didn’t happen.

Communication class

The communication class started at 13.30, and we learned about advertising communication. Mr. Uli replaced the lecturer that had an appointment outside. He explained the lesson way too fast. I could only capture some of the ideas. But then, he explains more to the advertisement. Again, he explained the advertisement with his idealized point of view, and not with the reality point of view. I didn’t like that way, because it’s like you lie to the public about a reality, and advertisement itself is something that’s related to the public.

We entered the tutorial class, and we did a discussion again about our final project, making a Corporate Social Responsibility TV Commercial (CSR TVC). The progress from the lecturer was very slow, and it made our discussion group, which is “Tim Sukses Sebelas” that consist of Dorojatun, Gautama P. Egan Evanzha, Misykat and me, had an initiative to start planning for the shooting. We decided to go shooting in Wednesday, started in the morning to the evening, using the free times.

The progress of our group is that we started to shoot the scenes this Wednesday and we hope that it could finish the time of shooting that day, and the rest of it will be editing. It’s because we had a simple idea about a helmet man. The title is “Helman”. It tells you about the story of a person who always put on his helmet on, whether he’s doing activities at college, or hang out with his friends. Than at one day, he had an accident after he put off his helmet, because of answering a phone. This is a funny CSR story for the safety motorcycle riding by Honda, and I hope the target, which is teenagers who are the most of the victim of the motorcycle traffic accident, could realized about safety riding.

So, I hope that it will go well, and could capture people imagination.

After the class

After I took the Ashar pray, I went to KBL canteen to ask for permission to do a shooting in the canteen, and Mr. Kus said that it is ok to use the canteen for the shooting, and it doesn’t require a complicated permission. So as SBM-ITB building, that the administration accepts our permission to use the building as the shooting site for our Communication’s final project. But we actually haven’t asked the permission to do shooting at the North ITB parking lot. We hope that it could work well tomorrow.

I recorded some sites that it will be the sites for the scenes to capture the real illustration of the scenes.

I hope this Communication final project to make a CSR TVC could be successful and bring a lot of usefulness to all of us. Amin!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Full day today (went to goa Belanda)

Went to goa Belanda

In the morning, I went to Goa Belanda in Dago Pakar and walking in “reflection massage” rocks road to Maribaya, Lembang. It was a sick road that we took up and down land of hills and met rocky road that truly “super massage” my feet for 1 and a half hour. I thank full to Allah, because when I first arrived at the first start, my light was run of battery, so I bought the battery and also bought an AQUA. The AQUA is the safer for me because of the sun shine straight to my skin, really sweated my body out that made me needs to drink AQUA all the way.

As the sick of the road, I remembered about my high school that I had already gone here at Taman Nasional Ir. Juanda, which is the location of Goa Belanda and Goa Jepang, as my 66 high school trip to Bandung. I wrote the experience in brokenplectrum.blogspot.com.

Here are the links:


Here are the photos:

Went back home

I went back home after the trip, and ate at Clemmons Imam Bonjol in front of my house. As I finished my eating, Marco, Ikhsan, Tizi, Uti, Siska, and Tiara have just arrived at Clemmons. So I decided to make conversation with them, until they finished the eating. So, it’s double my time I used to eat. But it’s ok, it was a lot of fun, and I went back home after the eating.

After I entered my room, few minutes after it, Misykat went to my room and ordered Clemmons to my room. I said it was forbidden but he kept ordering, and asked the waiter to send it to in front of the house. As he waiting for the order, I played some Nudist Island songs in my Marlique Guitar. After the order came and Misykat finish eating, I ended my guitar playing to do Dzuhur pray, and straight to go to SBM-ITB.


I went to SBM with my training pants still on, with the cracked mud that is still sticking on it. I came to CRW II class with people keep asking me whether I have took a shower or not, and I keep answering that I already took it in the morning. CRW II class today, we learned about making definition essay, and I once asked that is it the same with Wikipedia text that describe a particular thing, and my teacher said no because there are no topic sentences, supporting sentences, and conclusion as an essay format has.

Culture and Art meeting

I went to Tutorial I-A class and had a meeting for HM-SBM Culture and Art, discussing about SBM-ITB Acoustic Night 2008 and SBM-ITB Bazaar 2008. At the meeting I voluntary vote to be the Publication Coordinator for SBM-ITB Acoustic Night 2008, and my task is to communicate all the people to come the venue. So my homework today is to make a big publication of “Coming Soon…” SBM-ITB Acoustic Night 2008 that the deadline is tomorrow. :)

Then, at the second part of the meeting, I actually was voluntarily choose vice secretary position because I want to know something in making proposals. But, at the end of the meeting, I was being chosen as the License and Permission Coordinator of SBM-ITB Bazaar 2008, because of my knowledge of the ITB geographical position. My task is to cover the license and permission about something that the event needs.

Ta’lim at musholla

After that, I went to musholla to pray Ashar; and at the same time SMUTY (SBM-ITB Muslim Community) was making a ta’lim, which is a discussion and sharing forum about bless-god experiences in reality. I listened the ta’lim for a while for the story from Yudha, my 2009 friend, about his meaningful experience, being the leader of Buka Puasa Bersama se-SBM-ITB 2007, for Ramadan month last year. He told the story that he was being prayed by panti asuhan kids that were being invited to the event because of his totality, serving them from the first time coming to ITB, until he sent them back to the panti asuhan. His story was the last story of the ta’lim, and very influential to others, and soon after that, they closed the ta’lim as the time entered the Maghrib adzan. I prayed Magrib together with them.

Guitar Hero and Badminton

As I went back home, I should come to the Himpunan Badminton SBM-ITB in 7 o’clock, and at the same time, there was Guitar Hero event in APRES ITB. The reality is I’m writing this post for Rockepreneur. :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

How to find a market and reverse engineering

In the morning, I got a very interesting lecture from Mr. Gatot Yudoko, from ETSF subject. He told that the basic of business is the chain of value that connected each other. I didn’t really note the lecture from the beginning to the end, but I noted some interesting information from Mr. Gatot Yudoko, which are:

How to find a market

Although he didn’t told us directly, but he linearly told us how to find a market. First, we should be interest in a product that we want to sell. Then, if we already found it, and it’s still not available in our country (imported), is it able to be made in our country? After that, can we do the product and the technical design? Are the materials available? After it all can be finished, are the price can be lower from the imported products? If not, we should find another market for another useful product, or keep on the product and find another market. Multimedia civilization hypothesis

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is a method of built down the products that have been built-up to learn the system of the product. It’s funny because I did this when I was developing brokenplectrum.blogspot.com to make it full of features and popular at internet. I “View – Source” HTML tag sources from blogs that I like its design and its system to make them popular to apply it to my blog. I also did this activity when I was exploring my first desktop computer that now I’ve sold it.

I think this is the best ETSF lecture I’ve ever experienced after all. :)