Friday, March 14, 2008

Why am I late?

This morning I late again! :( Well, it’s sucks when I’m late. It always feels me underrated. I think I have to classify why I often late in the morning. Here we go:

1. Morning in Bandung is very cold. Well, I think this is an excuse, but it’s true!

2. I wake up with a mess room.

3. I have to wudhu with very cold water for pray Subuh.

4. Then I have to search some food, which there isn’t any around my rental room’s house.

5. Sometime I am distracted with my messed up room, so I tried to clean it up

6. Then, I’m thinking up about the tasks that I should collect today.

7. I should change up my scheduled day books from my backpack.

8. After that, I tend to take a cold shower (very cold), which sometime make me lazy to do it.

9. Sometime the towel and cloth that I need are still at the laundry that makes me have to go to the laundry to check up some of my clothes. (Sometime, I realized that the clothes aren’t available after I take the shower. This makes me have to put up my used clothes again to go to laundry to take my cleaned shirts first.)

10. Sometime the towels aren’t dry yet, which makes me lazier to take the shower.

11. After take a shower, I have to recheck the things in my backpack.

12. As I want to go to the campus, I have to first put on my “complicated” motorcycle jacket, which sometime it’s still at the laundry that I should take it from it first.

13. Then, I put on my backpack.

14. After that, I have to put on my helmet.

15. Then, I take up my room keys, motorcycle key, cell phone, and my wallet (that sometime one or more things above are slips anywhere. I should waste my time searching for it.)

16. Don’t forget to put on my socks.

17. I go out from my room, and then lock my room door. (Sometime I forgot to take my room keys inside my room, so I should go back to take it first than lock my door.)

18. Then, I have to put on my tie shoes. (Sometime I forget the keys now, after I tie my shoes, that I have to put of my shoes again and take my keys inside my room, which has been locked, then lock my room again and put on my tie shoes again.)

19. I have to open the double locked front door of the house, go outside and double lock the door again. (Something the “things” above happens at this time that I have to repeat the steps again.)

20. After that, I have turn on my motorcycle. Before that, if it rains, I have to first clean the motorcycle seat from the water to prevent my pants gets wet. (Something the “things” above happens at this time that I have to repeat the steps again.)

21. I have to open the huge padlock on the front gate first before I can go out from the house. (Sometime the key of the padlock still left in my room that I have to repeat the steps above to get the key in my room.)

22. At last, I’m freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

After you read this, are you started to think that my rental room in the house is like a prison? Look, I have to double open and double lock 3 doors (room door, front door, and front gate). Well, at least the front gate, which uses a padlock.

Then, the lists above still haven’t count the cold weather, which freezes my steps. It hasn’t finish until that. I have to enter the ITB motorcycle parking lot on the Northern side that creates a new problem. I have to pay the retribution for Rp500, which is a coin that is sometime slipped in my wallet, which is slipped in my jeans (still on my motorcycle). Then, if I haven’t got the correct money, I have to grab the exchange and the weak water paper ticket that I should keep it, on my left hand, and my right hand is still on the throttle switch. I have to do it quickly, because the other motorcycles behind me are waiting.

After that, I should search for the right place to park my motorcycle. It’s because the motorcycles are very messy arranged on the parking lot, and I’m quite difficult to find for my best place for my motorcycle. Sometime I got the farthest place from the campus. Then I have to walk (or run) for approximately 250m to my campus from the parking lot. If it’s an auditorium class, I have to take the stairs to the second level of the building (because there isn’t any lift or elevator in my campus), than enter the auditorium gate, which has a big digital clock above it.

How long does it takes?

The fastest I’ve done to reach those steps from the beginning to the very end (the auditorium class), is about 15 minutes (that’s without any kind of problems of the “things” above).

The longest time I have reached the steps are 2 and a-half hour (without any tolerant of late :)). This is serious! I woke up on 04.30 in the morning, and I did all the “things” and I made to enter the class 6.59 (one minute before the class start). It’s weird!

With any tolerant of late, the longest time I’ve reached the “steps” are 5 and a-half hour. I missed the whole first class (that’s after I recognize that the rules is like that, If we late one minute, we aren’t able to enter the class, so I decided to pass the first class, after I’m sure that I’m late). I’ve woke up 04.30 in the morning and do all he steps above, but unluckily, I’ still late tough. It’s totally weird!

Well, as you can see, you can lean a lot from my experience, and I myself, have to learn more to do better things. But how?

Simple minded and think about somebody else that needs our availability and help if we came to the class.

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