Friday, March 21, 2008

Who said eating in Bandung is easy!

In the morning I was hungry and I decided to cook at the first time in studying in Bandung (proper cook). I went to Alfamart and bought noodle, eggs, and instant fried rice seasoning. Then after I start to cook, I realized that the gas went out, so I called the gas station to refill it. Fortunately, their suppliers were all in holiday because of the Easter Day for the catholic. Then the adventure occurred.

I decided to take the 14kg ELPIJI gas tank to the refill station, and did you know, there only one refill ELPIJI gas station in Bandung, which is in Emong Road. Where is Emong Road anyway? Fortunately it’s located in the center of Bandung near the 5-way crossroad. My house fortunately is on the Northern Bandung, so I have to travel around several km to the station. The first problem occurred when I miscommunication the information about the place of the station, which make me travel around Bandung on the wrong direction. After traveling unguided, I decided to turn back home to ask again the right address.

With son of Mamang (AA) I travel to the center of Bandung and finding the station together with the 14kg gas tank, and 2 persons in one duck motorcycle (Honda Karisma). Alhamdulillah, I passed a lot of “friendly” traffic lights with green one that made my journey clear. With some direction from the pedestrians, we finally found the Emong Road is. After we bought the new gas, we realized that it was getting heavier to be lifted. So, my Karisma could only reach maximum 40 km/hour.

I went back home and started to put on the gas tank to the stove. AA and Teteh (daughter of Bibi) were very afraid to change the refill or even get any close to the tank, because of the paranoid of the exploded tank, which seemed that “well socialized” by the TV. So, because of my confusion, I called my home at Jakarta, which is taken by Om Parno, to ask how to change the refill properly. Finally, I changed it and started to cook my dipped-unfinished noodle cooked. I cooket it plain without any add of soy sauce, salt, sugar, or anything else, just the Indofood instant fried rice seasoning. Then, I added a chicken egg. After it was finished, it actually tasted bad. :)

Well, but because I’m hungry, I start to eat it. Until now I haven’t finished the eating and it’s still on my table. This experience make me realize that eating in Bandung is actually very hard, not as easy as medias told Bandung is. There only a few supplies of ELPIJI gas, which is very fundamental for people to cook their food. So, being gas suppliers might be a great business in Bandung. :)

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