Sunday, March 16, 2008

What’s the different between old school women and modern women paradigm?

As I watched the film Monalisa Smile, I can classify that the old school women paradigm are more traditional with their culture. At the film, the culture that is shown is the old British culture which is still separating gender and close with the church.

The 50’s

As I review the movie, I can describe that the culture on the 50’s, has man on the higher position than woman. Woman is being taught as a bachelor, only for adding prestige to get the prestige husband also. Bachelor degree is the end of career in education for woman if they’re being a wife for the man. Success of women is counted by the ability to be a wife of a wealthy and rich people. It’s also taboo if married woman still came to her parent’s house. It shows that the woman still not get along with her husband, which is being a characteristic of unhappy family.

The Modern

Nowadays, woman is having the same status as man. As the paradigm change to be more diverse in globalization era, people are not dividing by the gender anymore. Competencies and talents are what the world wants, towards the economic age. Woman is now being able to do most of man work and fully loyal to companies. There are no limited boundaries anymore for women to express their talent and interest to fulfill their needs.

The key success of women nowadays, is the same as everyone else, which is freedom to be able to do any career, being a good wife for her husband, being a good mother for the children, and being useful to everyone else in the world.

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