Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tutorial I-B got 93 on Artistic Recollection UTS

Alhamdulillah, Tutor I-B got 93 for the Artistic Recollection mid-term task, which is held on Friday, March 28th 2008. Although it's the second best from the Tutor I-D class who got 97, it's equal to the effort of our class, because the logistic seems didn't really care about the preparation of the properties, as Mr. Benjon revised our class.

But it's ok, we have to not be the first in every Performance Skill or Artistic Recollection task, because we have also learn the mental to be better and better, like Tutorial I-D class did in several tasks. For example, tasks before UTS, like UAS (end semester task) on Performance Skill, actually Tutorial I-D did good performance as our tutorial class, but because we followed the rule of 20 minutes role, so we won the first position among the others. From this situation, I saw that Tutorial I-D class were learning something important from their lost, that they could accept their lost and be better at the next chance, which is the Artistic Recollection UTS.

"Sometime, we have to learn how to lose to learn how to win" - Tri Handoyo

The most important of the UTS is, Tutor B-and performed "Permadani dan Kaca" in front of SBM-ITB students in Auditorium class, opening and closing Tutorial I-B UTS performance :) Here is the video:


Our class has an Arabic theme because our product, which is flying carpet and mirror map, has a big relation with Arabian view. The name of the flying carpet is Nebuchad and the mirror map is Nezzar. We made a big billboard for our show, named "From Baghdad with Love". It's a big banner pictured Eswan and Vidia, as the main characters of Aladdin and Jasmine.

The story began with Jasmine who is broken hearted with Aladdin, because of his broken and poor flying carpet that made him late to pick up Jasmine in an occasion. Then, Aladdin had an idea to search and buy a new flying carpet that he found at Ace Hardware. Then he shown Nebuchad and Nezzar to Jasmine and asked her to fly together with her to Istanbul, and all over the world.

The show was getting more interesting with the MC, which is Nigor and Della, who attracted the audience to be curious with the product at first, and amazed after the product were show to the audience. When the products were shown, 6 Nebuchad and Nezzar banners around the audience were opened. The Jin and Abu, which are Jatun and Hanif, with the accompany of several logistic crews in black apparels and headscarf, brought Nebuchad and Nezzar to the stage, and with Arabian music covering the chill color of the show, lifting Aladdin and Jasmine with Nebuchad and Nezzar flying all over the world, with the slide show the 7 miracle world and the rest fantastic places in the world made by Ian and Ikhsan Nurhadi. Later, an audience was asked to try Nebuchad and Nezzar to fly away to the sky, and unfortunately Redo, a student from Tutorial I-C class is chosen to be the person who was lucky to try Nebuchad and Nezzar.

The show ended with the high spirit musical performance by all of the students in Tutorial I-B class, singing "Permadani dan Kaca"

It was a great show, and I hope that Tutorial I-B class could learn something important to do better preparation for the next final tutorial AR performance, which is the UAS performance. Good luck!

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