Monday, March 31, 2008

Sport activities for college students

This is the essay that I did in finishing the CRW II task in the morning to make an essay with category. This is actually a homework for Wednesday, but I have already finished it. :)

Sport activities for college students

Most of college students are usually have big interests in sports. They often ask their friends to join playing and doing sports together. But in crowded city, people are often gets hard to find spaces and places to play field sports. That’s why; many indoor sports are built to fulfill the people needs f sports in the city. Popular indoor sports can are classified the most popular for the college students are indoor soccer (futsal), indoor basketball, and indoor hockey.

Nowadays in big cities in Indonesia, indoor soccer is being one of the most popular sports for the college students. The rules are a little bit different that outdoor field soccer. This sport is being the students favorite because, it requires a lot of persons to play the sport, which are 6 persons each teams, with total 12 persons on the field. They have to apply team work to be able to rule the game. The winner is the people who can score most of the goal on the match, which located on each side of the field on the ground. The sports don’t require any other equipments or items beside soccer shoes and soccer ball. It also requires a big stamina to play the sports.

Indoor basketball is also a popular indoor sport for the college students. Different from soccer, the sport requires lesser people to play the sports, which are 5 persons each teams with total 10 persons on the field. But same with indoor soccer, indoor basketball is also requires a lot of stamina to play it. They should also apply teamwork to do the sport, like soccer do. Indoor basketball has different places to score the goal than indoor soccer, which are the rings are located on the air of each side.

One of the most popular indoor sports by college students is indoor hockey. This sport has the biggest number of people playing in the field, comparing with both 2 of the sports, which are consist of 12 persons each teams with total numbers of 24 persons on the field. Between indoor soccer and basketball, indoor hockey has the most items used at the sport, which are hockey shoes, hockey sticks, and hockey ball. But indoor hockey has the same goal score as indoor soccer sport, which is located on the ground. They should also apply team work to rule the game like indoor soccer and indoor basketball.

Those three sports are the most favorite indoor sports for college. Three of sports are recommended to be played together with college friends in every free time of the college activate. Don’t forget about the preparation of the stamina, equipment, and the knowledge of each rules of the games.

Keep the sport of life!

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