Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sky and Sight practicing in Imam Bonjol no.12

On the late evening, Sky and Sight, which is Yoyok and Elmar, were practicing for the April 5th "Acoustic Across 2008" competition. They practiced "Everything's Magic" from Angels and Airwaves, "There Is" from Box Car Racer, and "Not Now" from blink-182. The only audience who saw the performance was only Misykat, who were came in to the room of acoustic. Sky and Sight were beautifully arranging the songs with double acoustics and vocals. It occurred about 1 and a half hour.

Playing Everything's Magic, Yoyok is beautifully picking each guitar strings and singing powerfully, with Elmar is covering the unfilled song space with marvelous melody. The second song which is There Is was sung by Elmar, and Yoyok was playing the melody and the backing vocal. The third song, which is the final most powerful song, is Not Now from blink-182. Yoyok singing without the lyrics and playing the melody of the song, and Elmar got the lead of the song.

Sky and Sight - Everything's Magic

Sky and Sight - There Is

Sky and Sight - Not Now

It was a great afternoon for Yoyok and Elmar, and they decided to practice again on Sunday.

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