Monday, March 31, 2008

Sky and Sight Live @ Tutorial I-B, SBM-ITB Building

On 11.30 on the afternoon, Sky and Sight was performing live at Tutorial I-B class, School Business and Management ITB building, Bandung. It performed 3 rearranged songs from Angels and Airwaves - "Everything's Magic", Box Car Racer - "There Is", and blink-182 - "Not Now". The show was privately watch by several SBM-ITB students, such as Deru, Wildan, and Qhisti.

Here are the videos:

"Everything's Magic" from Angels and Airwaves

"There Is" from Box Car Racer

"Not Now" from blink-182

The show was very good, and it brought the audience to sit back and relax. :)

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