Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sky and Sight join Acoustic Across 2008 competition

Today I wrote some songs to perform it on Acoustic Across 2008. I registered the competition today with Elmar, and came with the name “Sky and Sight”. This is a simple idea what sky affected human emotion from their sight. The sky can add more inspiration and make people relax when they see it, even in the crowded city. The place we registered is in Sentra Auto Building, Chiampelas Road. I choose Elmar as my band mate because of our same favorite music to punk rock and blink-182, and he is seeking for a band too.

The register was quite complicated that we should transfer the money to the Mandiri Bank first to the committee, because the event organizer is from University of Indonesia, which is located in Depok, West Java. The judge will be some of the most influential persons on Indonesian independent scene, which are Iyo (Pure Saturday’s vocalist), David Tarigan (Aksara Record), and Sandra (Trax FM). I think this is one of the most prestigious acoustic band competitions because the publication and the sponsors are a lot. Even the registration costs Rp100.000, and limited for maximum 50 acoustic bands all over Indonesia.

I choose to join the Acoustic Across 2008 competition, is because I want to move my first step to be a musician. This is also supported from the fact that Pure Saturday, one of the biggest independent bands in Indonesia, has the first track record as the first champion of acoustic competition all over West Java. Then, I love Dashboard Confessional, Angels and Airwaves acoustic, Box Car Racer, and Meg and Dia, which has a powerful performance of acoustic music. So I’m very sure to join this competition.

How can I join it if I don’t have a band? As Tom Delonge said in his interview with Larry King Live, he started his new band Angels and Airwaves from the friendship first. Then, he searches for the people who play the instrument he needs, and pray to God that it will be gathering. So, I decided to follow Tom’s suggestion. I picked up Elmar, is because we have the same interest in our junior high school music, which is blink-182. We also had playing “Letters to God” from Box Car Racer, and “Man Overboard” from blink-182 together to fill the APRES 16th birthday celebration.

I hope this band could be the best acoustic band in the world. I start to write some powerful songs for them, which contains high level of positive music, self education, and love.

Insya Allah, we could in the competition fairly and full of soul of love and friendship.

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