Monday, March 3, 2008

SBM-ITB girls’ futsal team won the TPB Cup 2008 trophy

Finally, after a long routine training and some work hard, SBM-ITB girls’ futsal team got their biggest price of it. They got the first champion of the TPB Cup 2008, one of the most prestige newcomer’s student competitions in ITB, competing with teams from other majorities, after won against PL-ITB (Plano logy) for the score 2-1. I brought with Sigap’s snare drum to not lose for PL-ITB’s supporters who seemed has made some choreography to support their team, and also documented some unforgettable moment of the goal and the winning.

The final round was very tight, and each of the team was having the same size of supporters. SBM-ITB with the yellow shirt was actually being lost 0-1 from PL-ITB at the first round. But they eventually made up some tactics and strategy to be strong enough to face the opponent at the second round. Their biggest spirit of this game, as it being told by Nidia, is “Have fun!” It might be the one who made the team could keep in spirit. The game was very tight after Nindi, made a “Beckham style” goal from the free kick at the last 1 minute at the second round. It made the supporters from both of the team went crazy.

The referee gave the game of 2 extra time match, and SBM-ITB leaded the match from the first kick off. But the defense of PL-ITB, seemed very hard to be passed, which made the end of the first extra time match, didn’t create any goal from both of the teams. Apparently, at the second half of the extra time match, the supporters were surprised after Vidia from SBM-ITB team, made an aggressive movement that created a goal at the last 1 minute for the SBM-ITB team, which ended the game for 2-1 to SBM-ITB.

Here’s the moment of the last goal of the match by Vidia and the winning scene of SBM-ITB girls’ futsal team.

The game was slightly ended after a goal score from SBM-ITB team, and the team was celebrating the wining surprise with their supporters.

They prayed and we celebrated the day-ole-ole, the day-ole-ole!

Alhamdulillah, our pray is being blessed by the god, so the SBM-ITB girls’ futsal team could win the competition. Although the boys futsal team has been beaten by FTSL-ITB A team, for 4-1 and missed their chance to get into the final, the team got the 4th champion of the boys futsal TPB Cup 2008 championship.

Congratulation for both of the team (and the supporters :) )! If it’s not from our unity, it wouldn’t be happened like this.

(Btw, where am I? Oh, I’m behind Ican, the biggest man on the left, grabbing broken drumsticks. :) )

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