Saturday, March 1, 2008

SBM-ITB girls futsal enter the final round of TPB Cup 2008

This is the recorded scene of the pray before the game.

Fortunately, our pray is accepted by the god. SBM-ITB won the semi-final game against SF-ITB, and made to enter the final round of TPB Cup 2008. The game was very interesting, although SBM-ITB supporters seem didn't very enthusiast in supporting the game like the last game. The reason is because at that time, SBM-ITB wasn’t very united and there were supporters who tried to lead the players, which made some players at the field felt distracted. There were also some explicit words told by the supporters to the opponent players and supporters. However, at the end, SBM-ITB supporters were glad after their girls futsal team made to enter the final round which will hold tomorrow at GSG ITB.

The game was very tight. Each of the team had their own playmaker, which is Qhisti from SBM-ITB, and number 10 from SF-ITB. The game went end 3-3, and given a penalty round. SBM-ITB won for the penalty round.

This is the moment of winning from the penalty round.

“SBM-ITB 2010 masuk final!”

Semoga sukses SBM-ITB girls! Hope you be the first winner of the TPB Cup 2008.

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