Monday, March 3, 2008

Rockepreneur has entered Google

If you type "rockepreneur" at Google, it will show up like on this picture:

It reminds me about Brokenplectrum who have been on hiatus for my high school past. I always search for the update for it's popularity on the internet, by adding the blog on ping sites on Technorati and Feedburner.

But then I realized that popularity wasn't the one I search for the most. It ruined my honesty for the continuity of my blog. It made me sick to open my own personal blog because I began to dissolve myself to people demands and mindsets.

I don’t want the condition to be happened again, and with Rockepreneur, I have to look at myself as Tri Handoyo, a 19 year old person who is adventuring for his unforgettable journey of life with Tom Delonge as his hero.

"We try to change the world by first changing ours." Tom Delonge - Angels & Airwaves

Welcome to Rockepreneur!

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