Friday, March 21, 2008

Presenting Tutor B-and!

An untitled minus-one song from Tutor B-and.

The video is taken on March 18th 2008, in Jl. Imam Bonjol no. 12, room 9. For your information, Tutor B-and is born in March 14th 2008, as Mr. Benjon (our Artistic Recollection lecture) gave Tutor I-B 2010 class a project for our mid-semester task for a launching product. Tutor B-and is the musical project for Tutor I-B class that consist of Me, Deru, Dika, and Tita, to fulfil the prestige image of the product that Tutor I-B class will release, which is a flying carpet, and mirror map.

Me and Deru, acoustic guitarist/vocalist and electric lead guitarist of Tutor B-and.


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