Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Practicing AR at Ikhsan's House in Pondok Hijau

Our tutorial class were practicing at Ikhsan's House in Pondok Hijau, Gegerkalong. The house is near Daarut Tauhid, the pesantran of AA Gym, one of the most famous Da'i (Islam lecturer and speaker) in Indonesia. The place is a bit far from ITB, which is in the North West of Bandung. I have to use my full jacket to ride my motorcycle, because the place is cold in the night.

We ride from SBM-ITB to Ikhsan's House after we all finished the UTS of Statistic. I asked everyone to go first without me, because I'm still doing my previous post. :) After I finished writing mu post, I went to Hoka Hoka Bento first, as everyone promised to go there. When I arrived, everyone have finished eating their foods. It's ok, because I'm still full from the breakfast foods, which are a lot.

Uniquely, everyone were making a tower from the Hoka Hoka Bento's rice bowls, and I got the chance to put on the last bowl on the top of the tower, from Della's bowl. :)

I took the picture of it:

After we all finished eating, we straightly went to Ikhsan's house. There, we were practicing all the rundowns of the show from begining to the end. We got the total illustration of the show on the practice, except the final scene, which is the music sing-a-long, which I haven't finished up the lyrics. :) So, our class success is counted on me, as the lyrics maker. It's because, if the lyrics still not finished, the choreography won't be working for the scene.

But, we were all fun there, and we hope that we could do the best at the UTS-day.

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