Friday, March 21, 2008

Practicing AR at Hanif's house, I got the music section again

On the late afternoon, we, Tutor I-B class practicing for the mid-semester Artistic Recollection task to make a launching party at Hanif's House. I got the music section again, and I'm very glad!

Hanif's House is placed in the Northern of Bandung. It's near with ITB, but it's on a hill, so we can see a lot of panoramic sight from his house. We did the first time rundown for the project. The music section (Me, Dika, Deru, and Tita), had already made 2 "minus one" songs and 1 rearranged song, which is "A Whole New World", Aladin's soundtrack.

Our product for the launch is a flying carpet, with a mirror map. So, we decided to make the launch party with the color of the Egyptian. So, the music is like an Egyptian type of songs. We practicing from 15.00-18.00. It was a lot of fun, especially Sandy's act which is product description, which was very entertaining.

We hope that our tutorial class could do the best class among the others.

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