Saturday, March 1, 2008

Meg and Dia - The best front-girl band I've ever saw

Meg and Dia make breakthrough with a sweet powerful front-girl band. I first recognized this band through Angels and Airwaves. I saw that Meg and Dia is a band that’s being the opening for 2008 Angels and Airwaves tour. It was getting more interesting after Tom himself noticed that, the first big event of blink-182 was being an opening band for a punk rock band Fear, and it’s very contrast to blink-182 genre of music, which is pop punk. So, after Angels and Airwaves added Meg and Dia to join his 2008 tour, I started to think that Meg and Dia could be a huge in the future. I I am a listener of Dashboard Confessional, so I first checked Meg and Dia on the Youtube for their acoustic performances, and I really surprised that Meg and Dia, were actually an acoustic type of band, before now being a full band.

Meg and Dia - "Setting Up Sunday" acoustic at KWCR Radio

The first song that I watched and listened is “Masterpiece” acoustic version on the radio. They are actually great! Dia has a powerful soul mellow voice, and it is accompany by Meg’s simple indie guitar type of music with her sweet backing vocal. I started to search for another Meg and Dia’s live acoustic songs, and I found them a lot. The second song I watched and listened is “Setting Up Sunday” which is a very sweet song. It reminds me about M2M, but Dia sings more powerfully. After that, I watched and listened more to their acoustic performances such as “Cardigan Weather”, and “Roses”. Meg and Dia is collaborating brilliantly, and they brought their acoustic performances very clean.

Meg and Dia - "Monster" at Bling Fest 2007

At that time, I haven’t heard and saw any Meg and Dia full band performances, so I directly stated their genre of music as Indie Pop Acoustic. But it was changed after I listened to their full band performance at Bling Fest 2007. The first performance I watched and listened is “Monster”, the last song they performed at the show. The song, apparently, is typical like Evanescence, but have more brightness and melodies. The performance is awesome! At the end of the song, Dia went downstage and sang near the audience. It’s amazing! I didn’t realize that they were actually a powerful rock band. No wonder that Mag and Dia join Angels & Airwaves as their 2008 opening performance tour.

Check out their myspace. This is a great band!

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