Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Make rich other people, so you will be rich by the people

"Make rich other people, so you will be rich by the people." -Mario Teguh-

That's one wise quote that is spoken by Mario Teguh, Indonesian Business Art Consultant, that I always remember. I means that if you want to get rich, make rich other people. So, you will appreciate yourself that you be able to make other people rich, that will bring richness on you.

I add this quote for my opening post because apparently, one of my high school friend just SMS me something that goes fundamental for her life. He asked me that she want to borrow some money for paying her college fee. It shocked me very much, that I was just enjoying my guitar playing in my school year.

I enjoy my activities inside and outside college very much without any burden of economy. I just don't have to think about the money and the cost of living, that is given by my parents. But actually, my friends out there are counting every Rupiah to be able to cover the prior things that they need to continue their college.

I've just reply her SMS that I want to speak to my mother first, and I'm convincing her that she would get the money from us. I have to be more thankfull to Allah that I could study at one of the most expensive college majority in Indonesia, which is School Business and Management ITB. I hope there are plenty of useful things that I can share with my friends after I graduated from SBM-ITB.

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