Saturday, March 22, 2008

Kick Andy in ITB and received "Laskar Pelangi" Special Edition book, straight from Andrea Hirata

Kick Andy in ITB

As we know, Andy F. Noya creates an inspirational talk show TV, named "Kick Andy". It's new motto is "look with your heart". "Kick Andy" is being one of the most famous and influential talk shows in Indonesia, as it broadcasts inspiring true stories from people, to some controversial topics, such as the Timor Timur, coup de tat hero, which has been founded killed, circa this week. Now, he made some "Road to campus" project to be closer with the students, that will be next Indonesian future leaders.

ITB got his chance to meet Andy F. Noya in "Kick Andy", today, within ITB Expo 2008. They invited 2 ex-ITB rectors, which is Kusmayanto Kadiman Ph.D, Prof. Dr. Ir. Wiranto Arismunandar, and today's ITB rector, which is Prof. Dr. Ir. Djoko Santoso Msc. They also invited Dolly, Head of Himpunan Mahasiswa Elektro who leaded the Palapa Dam pilot project for adding self-electricity for unelectrified village in Garut, and Riska, a 3rd junior high school student from 5 High School, Semarang, Central Java, who founded a natural non-chemical colours from kubis merah (red gabbage).

The show is opened by the performance of Bali Dance from MGG-ITB, which is Balinese Culture Community ITB.


Kusmayanto Kadiman Ph.D
"Any contribution of research for countries development, will be given tax to cover the liabilities."
"Work group is the key to get easier creativity."
"Technology is Knowledge, Engineering, Art, and Economy."
"Albert Einstein said that the prospect of the goverment is to protect creative individuals."

Prof. Dr. Ir. Wiranto Arismunandar
"Success is diciplice, and keep promises."

Prof. Dr. Ir. Djoko Santoso Msc.
"We should have "Modal Insani" to make all essences of academic from the lecturers, the students, and the environment, have the same desire to develop."
"The more modern mindset that the people have, the more expensive is the time."

Andy F. Noya
"Success is happy and glad in the deepest heart about what I'm doing"

I received "Laskar Pelangi" Special Edition book, straight from Andrea Hirata!

As a blogger and a writer, I was very glad to be able to receive "Laskar Pelangi" novel, which is being ranked as Indonesia's Most Influential Book, straight from Andrea Hirata, the writer. I got it after I answered a ridiculous question from Mr. Kusmayanto Kadiman, Ph.D, which is:

"What's an Arabic word of Kubis?"

Then I raised my hand and screamed,

"Sibuk!" :) And it's correct!

I'ts obvious that an Arabic language is being read from right-to-left. So, I just applied it to the latin words. :) I wondered, why there were so many people who couldn't answered that simple question?

The answer made me recived the "Laskar Pelangi" novel straight from the hand of the writer, that has been added his signature on the first page.

Rest of the show

The rest of the show is the Saman Dance performance by UKA-ITB, which is Aceh Culture Community ITB, and Angklung music perfromance by KPA-ITB, which is Angklung Music Community ITB, playing 2 songs from traditional to "Mission Impossible".

The closing is also the launching of "Anak ITB bicara" book, which is a compilation of essays from all over the ITB majorities, describing about being a usefull people from the application of majorities that are existed in ITB. I didn't join the competition, but fortunately, I wanted to join it very much. I did 50% of the essay, and it was unaccomplished until the dead line. Tight schedule of SBM-ITB, made me ran out of time, to finish the essay.

That's the end of the show, and I got a photoshoot with Andrea Hirata, and extra signature of my name, "Yoyok".

The show was great, and usefull for myself. Thank you ITB Expo 2008 committee to make this kind of event. I hope this event could be long last and keep usefull to the others.

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