Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The key to success in Math and Statistic

Wow, the Statistic UTS was amazing!

Alhamdulillahhirabbilalamin! I finished the UTS (mid-term task) Statistic well. Even though I did the 3rd question false, but I’m still thankful to Allah that I could finish the task. The task was held from 13.00-14.45 at Auditorium for 3 root questions. The first question is about Binomial Probability with Indonesian language. The second is about Normal Distribution, and the third is about Poisson, which are both of them used English language. The first and the second one, I did it a bit confuses at first, but I actually finished it. The third question I was wrong using equation, which is Binomial. It was a tricky question with high level of understanding. Actually, the right way to finish it is by using Poisson equation.

But it’s ok. I’m very glad because I can, at least, finishing 2 from 3 of the questions with self confidence. That’s the most important thing! Even though the answer could be right or wrong, I did it clearly with some corrections at sometime. I could do almost all of the questions because of yesterday’s group learning with Dika and Ikhsan at my kosan (rental room), and morning reread and rewrite.

The key

After this result, I can tell you that the key to success in Math and Statistic is to learn together with our friends. We could share our knowledge about Math and Statistic to one another that will shorten the time of full study from the textbook. We could also ask questions and finding the answers together with added fun. Things that should be note before learning with friends is by first adding commitment to each of the members of the group, that the purpose to learn Math or Statistic together is to get better understanding of Math and/or Statistic. From there, conducive environment of studying will be built for itself.

I hope that I could, at least, get B from Statistic UTS and I’m proud of myself! Subhanallah!

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