Saturday, March 22, 2008

I'm not joining ITB Expo 2008 bicycle convoy

Unfortunately, my Polygon Brodway bicycle tire is broken, so there are no air that can be filled in the tire. The plan was actually, first, I woke up in the morning, pray subuh, and waiting for Haikal, one of my friend who also has a bicycle, came to my house. But actually, he didn't came, and after I re-checked my bicycle, the tires are broken with dryness.

Well, it's ok, because the spare time can be used to rearranged Rockepreneur. At 9 o'clock, I have to be at SBM-ITB to continue the practice of AR subject. This subjecti is fortunately only contains of 1 SKS (smester study time), but the efforts are biger than finishing 4-5 SKS. But we all enjoying it, especially me as the music section.

OK, see you guys! Dika will come at the short time.

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