Friday, March 28, 2008

I felt like Chris Carraba and yesterday is my father's birthday

Yesterday, finally, I finished the lyrics for Tutor I-B class Artistic Recollection UTS. It’s entitled “Permadani dan kaca” as it relates to our products. I made it in the week schedule of UTS (mid-term tasks), with some external pressure from my friends to finish it early. I just did it on the afternoon, after the UTS of ETSF (Ecology, Technology, and Sustainable Future) on the 1st floor of SBM-ITB Computer Lab. Actually, it added plenty of revised after I printed in, but it was just getting better and better as I revised it. One of my friends Jatun told me that it has a big influence of Rocket Rockers, but I just didn’t realize it after he played “Tergila” guitar riff. It kind of popped up on my mind that it almost has the same characteristic of one of the best band on my melodic punk list.

I first wanted this song to have melodic punk characteristic, as it always is my core of music as I started to get into it for the first time in my life. I listened to some melodic punk albums in recent days before I finished the music and the lyrics such as Radiohits, Kuro, Nudist Island, Topi Jerami, Rocket Rockers, and Buckskin Bugle. I wanted to add the spirit of melodic punk songs as my biggest influence in making music, combined with positive point of views, as Tom Delonge as committed to Angels and Airwaves songs. I always like the spirit of melodic punk type of songs, but I rarely found types of songs that have positive lyrics. So, it’s kind of my experiment of my revolutionary work to do this project.

After I finish it, I copied it for 35 pages to be shared to Tutor I-B class at Ikhsan Nurhadi’s House at Pondok Hijau Residence, Geger Kalong, Bandung. This is the first time I perform “Permadani dan Kaca” solo in front of sing-a-long circle. I felt like Chris Carrabba playing acoustic guitar solo, with everyone circling and sing-a-long together into his songs. It felt amazing!

Watch the video:

And, this is Chris Carrabba in Dashboard Confessional playing “Screaming Infidelities” with everyone sing-a-long into it.

It’s truly amazing that I practiced the song better and better after I perform it. After a whole day practicing the show, we ended up our busy day of practicing with again sing-a-long with “Permadani dan Kaca”. This time I perfectly matched the song with the lyrics and I performed it perfectly with solo guitar. But, I didn’t record it for the end show.
It’s ok, and I hope that the best performance come in the UTS show from our tutorial class. I hope that we could do the best and be the best tutorial class again, continuing the Performance Skill first winner.
My father’s birthday

Yesterday was also my father’s birthday, and I couldn’t celebrate it in Jakarta, because I’m still in Bandung right now. But I made him a morning call and evening call to him. I prayed for my father that everything he does will bring usefulness to himself and the people. I also prayed for his long-last healthiness and success. He thanks back to me and asking me when I go back to Jakarta, and I said that it might me next week.

Ok, Dika has come now, I have to get prepare for the show, bye!

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