Monday, March 24, 2008

I did the Communication mid-term task

Well, the questions were actually very simple, but I think the answers were very tackling. I just realized that had already made 2 false from the questions. But it’s ok, I passed it well. The last question was a very describing question which used half of the working time of mine. It asked me to describe overall of my discussion group works that we’ve done, related to Communication. So, I wrote all items that related to out TV commercial projects about traffic policies.

Now, we are discussing AGAIN about Artistic Recollection mid-term task project. We’ve decided to use Nebuchad as our flying carpet product and Nezzar for our mirror map product. The name is taken from one of the most famous Egyptian king. We do costumer fest style for our project.

Julian and Nigor just said to me to finish the lyric for the musical closing scene. It just made another dilemma to me that tomorrow is the Statistic mid-term task. Time management is very-very important in this crucial time.
This is the most difficult task of mine. Always be my most difficult subject, about anything that are related to math theory.

Insya Allah, I got the best score for my Statistic task. Amin!

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