Friday, March 7, 2008

Hi, I'm at Java Jazz Festival 2008 right now!

I post this write on the Web Corner on Java Jazz 2008

So crowd in here! JHCC is full of Jazz minded people!

I watched some actions from the Jazz (and not really Jazz) stars, which are James Ingram (not so good for me), Glenn Fredly, and others.

I’m here with my old brother Iwan.

We played Guitar Hero on the Telkomsel stand.

Then we went around the JHCC to find something unusual happened at the show.

Well, apparently, James Ingram’s songs were not really good for me. But he went down to the audience and met them directly. The first song had a technical problem that the microphone didn’t come out sounds, but it was safe before James Ingram himself got to the stage.

Here are some of his performances:

We tasted Java Jazz’s expensive tastes. My brother bought Rp40.000 sandwich, and I bought Rp40.000 spaghetti, for the dinner, and it actually tasted like ordinary. Well, we didn’t watch Renne Olstead apparently. I actually wanted to watch it because she is famous from MTV, and I knew some of her songs. But it’s ok; I’m not a big fan of her though.

Btw, I came here because of the free ticket from my uncle. I’m not a Jazz listener though. But I just want to see, how come the show could be so happening in Indonesia. Even, one of my friends, Dika from Pekanbaru, always come to Java Jazz every year. I met him at the crowd.

Well, there is a free Bobby Caldwell ticket to go. I have to enter the Plenary Hall now. Bye-bye!

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