Thursday, March 13, 2008

Goodbye Mamang!

Yesterday and 2 days ago was a tough day for Mamang, my rental house father. He did a blood clean again at Hasan Sadikin Hospital, after suffering form kidney failure about 2 months ago. The cost of treatment has been covered by our family, for Rp1.944.000. Mamang is a poor people from Banjaran, West Java. His house with his family has broken down and they have to build their house again from scratch. They don’t have money to build their own house at Banjaran, so at this time, Bibi, Mamang’s wife life and work at my rental house Jl. Imam Bonjol no. 12 as the laundry and room cleaning.

I covered him first Rp1.000.000 to be able to enter the hospital for the blood cleaning treatment. Then the rest of the money, I gave it yesterday, after Mamang came back to Imam Bonjol. Mamang said a very big thank you to me, my mother and to all members of the family. He said that nowadays, people who like to help people like him are very rare, and he prayed for our family healthy and success, directly in front of me. Mamang and Bibi, cried for the care, and decided to call my mom, to speak directly to Mamang. Mamang also told thank you to my mother.

I am very glad that I, fortunately, could help a person that needs the help (Insya Allah), because, not all people who wants to give care to someone, are being the people needs. Insya Allah, the care is being blessed by god, and it could support my blessing to god. I realized that actually, life won’t be mortal. Someday we will die, and we should make our life is useful to the people for our “miracle house” at the “next life”.


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