Saturday, March 1, 2008

Girls Futsal, Boys Futsal, APRES Mustang Metal, and me

There were 2 big events for ITB students, but conclude as 3 big events for the SBM-ITB students, which are Girls Futsal, Boys Futsal, and APRES Mustang Metal. Girls Futsal is a TPB Cup Event for The new ITB students. Yesterday, SBM is competing with FTTM (Oil Major). Gracefully SBM-ITB won 1-0 and the crowds were supporting the game very much. SBM-ITB used yellow shirt for their costume, and the FTTM girls used red shirt. He audience was very crowded, supporting each of the team. The game went very interesting. Both of the team has almost the same skill, but SBM-ITB has more teamwork than FTTM. The goal was made by Qhisti, one of SBM-ITB favorite playmaker. The crowds from SBM-ITB, were shouting her name frequently. The game made SBM-ITB enter the second game of the cup.

The next is the boys futsal. I didn’t watch the game though. But, it was interesting that the boys futsal made up for the quarter final after 2 big won 8-0, and 4-2. I didn’t know what’s the score of the boys last evening game, but I think SBM-ITB won again.

About APRES Mustang Metal venue, I didn’t watch the event either, because I want to stay at my room, continuing my records. I think I should have some friends for making these records sounds better, and also get motivated. I’ve invited Dika last evening, but he couldn’t come because he had a promise with someone.

Well, I have 3 targets to catch, which is attending the seminar, which has “Bob Sadino” as the keyspeaker (which I’ve lost it because, I didn’t realized that it has been 1 March 11.35, and I still in my room, typing this post), joining and finishing the ITB Expo 2008 Essay Competition, and joining Acoustic Across 2008 Competition. But, I haven’t finished the essay, and I’m still waiting for my mom’s email about the sources that I need, in fulfilling my essay. I also haven’t finishing the song that I want to compete in Acoustic Across 2008. I also want to go to Tiga Negeri Musik, and Genta, Ujung Berung, for searching about Indonesian guitars.

I wanted an adequate acoustic guitar, which can fulfill my needs of playing and making sings like Dashboard Confessional, Meg and Dia, Pure Saturday, and some of blink-182 and Angels & Airwaves. Then I also wanted a camcorder, which I can use it to make reviews and writing more interesting by adding more multimedia, which is video. That’s why I join some of competition which I think I can do it and love it. The only key that I have to be focus and simple minded of what I’m doing.
Pray for me for good. Thanks!

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