Monday, March 24, 2008

Finished the statistic group learning, gladly!

Starts from the afternoon to the evening, I study Statistic subject all the time. We have the chance to learn the Binomial Probability, some of Poisson, Joint Probability, Conditional Probability, and Bayes’ Theorem. We are Me, Dika, and Ikhsan with fun!

In the free time spaces, we shared our stories about our high school experiences and our goals in the future. I told Ikhsan and Dika that after I graduated from SBM-ITB, I want to come back home to share all the knowledge that I have in SBM-ITB, to all my friends and make a rockepreneur with them, like Tom Delonge did to his local hometown, San Diego, California, for more positive ways. It might be local apparels, lifestyle items, and musical projects to make some movements in my local hometown Pondok Labu. I want to purpose some of my high school friends together making things that we like, such as design graphics, bands, media, and educations. My goal is to create positive point of views to people mindsets that can lead to the better future developments. I have already thought about some consequences that I have to challenge to apply these things, and I hope it can always be fun and positive.

We ate at Gampung Aceh for our dinner, with plenty of storytelling, jokes, and world topics from one another. Alhamdulillah, the study went very well, and we ended our group study with bless and pray to god that it could be useful for tomorrow’s Statistic mid-term task. Amin!

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